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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 21st Porn Stars Party

HOSTS: Drake BloodyRose (dmk.galicia) & Rosalee Moeleneaux (rosalee.rhiadra)
DJ: TT (teresa.tatham)
at the Bi Encounters

Party like a Porn Star

No. You weren't mistaken. There were no blog post for Porn Star Picture Monday.
Thats because I was finishing up a little suprise! :)

Saturday's Porn Stars Party was just like a perfect storm. Amazing DJ TT was on her game, rocking the Grotto at Bi Encounters. We had Drake and Rosalee keeping us all moving and having a good time. It seemed like a fun time to try an experiment. So, I put on my directors cap and gave the partygoers fair warning. And they gave me some sexy action.

Those are just a few teasers pics.

SEE THE VIDEO after the jump .. click away!

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 7th Porn Stars Party - Part 1

part 1, part 2

HOST: ĐεмσиɪQʊз ℳαɪтæ (demonique.firehawk)
DJ: Kђαℓ Ðúbɼȯvɳɑ (khalid.dubrovna) & Lexi (vixxy.shackleton)
at the Crossed Pistons Compound

Babes, Boobs & Bikes

When I first got to the Crossed Pistons Club house for Saturday's Porn Stars Party, I was began to worry about getting set up for incoming crowd (as I am prone to do). When the VP of the MC told me "Relax, we got this". And I'll tell you what, did they ever! *grins* This event was a marathon event that needed two DJs. Count 'em two! The lovely DJ Lexi and our very own Sexy DJ Khal alternated rocking out while the spunky Host DemoniQue had the mix of Biker Chic Porn Stars, and Pornstar-Sexy Bikers partying hard for hours.

You'll wanna click the"READ ME", there are so any more pictures to see

Friday, July 6, 2012

PARTY ANNOUNCEMENT: Sat. July 7th Porn Stars Party

HOST: ĐεмσиɪQʊз ℳαɪтæ (demonique.firehawk)
DJ: Kђαℓ Ðúbɼȯvɳɑ (khalid.dubrovna)

Party Announcement

This weekends porn star party:
1pm to 3pm, Saturday July 7th at the Crossed Pistons Motorcycle Club Compound

Get your motor running. Head out on the highway..naked! Well why not? Put on your best leather or better nothing at all because the Crossed Pistons MC has offered to host a party for us! Our very own Kђαℓ Ðúbɼȯvɳɑ (Porn Star/Crossed Pistons MC member) will be DJing. The lovely ĐεмσиɪQʊз ℳαɪтæ (demonique.firehawk) from the Crossed Pistons MC will be our host for the event. I'm curious to see who gets naked first, the bikers or the Porn Stars. Oh, who am I kidding. Porn Stars, of course.

I've got my bike ready, and I can't wait!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Deirdre Paulino

Interview: 075
Name: Deirdre Paulino
Country: USA
Second Life Birthdate: 11/15/2008
Experience:  2 videos, 4 photoshoots.  I've produced on video and one photoshoot myself.
Won't do:  Will do light BDSM, but noting involving blood, piss, or scat.  No bestiality either.
Fantasy porn scene:  A live girl-girl sex show.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kessryll Stormcrow

Interview: 074
Name: Kessryll Stormcrow
Country: United States
Second Life Birthdate: September 24, 2009
Experience:  Actor, Model, Videographer and director, Set and sex props builder and pose maker
Won't do:  Children, poop, pee and will not pose as a submissive
Fantasy porn scene:  Always wanted to do the hot sexy librarian!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Notices May 6th

Lou (female):     Emily
Interview and Naughty pics

 ♬ ♪(¯`·._.  ℙ ΩЛЯຣƬ��ЯƧ ·._.·´¯)♫ ♬ 
【☢】    ⓌHO:☊Đل TT
【☢】    ⓌHAT:ROCK【☢】
【☢】    ⓌHERE:  ( ( (=  ℙ ΩЛЯຣƬ��ЯƧ  =) ) ) 【☢】
【☢】    ⓌHEN..1pm slt to 3pm slt【☢】

Heroines & Heroes Series - Sneak Peak:     Candie Bianco 
We're busy working on the release of our new series: HEROINES & HEROES which will be all superhero inspired movies! We've been working on everything from custom sets and cosutmes to editing our soon to be released new movie: "BATMAN - Trouble Cums in Twos" Featuring Batman, Wonder Woman and Catwoman, plus a steamy scene with Robin!
Here's a peak at the movie with some movie stills and the movie intro/closing credits I just finished too:
Filmed Exclusively @ DIRTY ALLEY

Flower girls two:     Pelon Beaton
An erotic slide show featuring Fe Arkin & Gauge Deed. Pics by Pel Beaton Photolicious 2012 Music licensed on CC

Set 1 of pics:     Evangeline Brunswick
I decided to go back to the 50's and did 3 different themes of pics.. so here is set #1       

Soumise Rossini:     Linda
Interview and Naughty pics

May 5th Porn Stars Party (part 1):     Raelin Jestyr
Hosted by Arwen Juneberry & Serenity Juneberry
DJed by Moonie (Deka Teardrop)

Sexy SL Porn Stars and their admirers danced they day away in the luxurious Club Erotique Resort.  Arwen & Serenity welcomed a packed house, starting the party off in style as Moonie laid down the beat.   To say the party rocked, is an understatement.  Have a look.

Flower girls:     Pelon Beaton
An erotic slide show featuring Clarissa Bianco and Lacee Dumpling. Pics by Pel Beaton Music licensed on CC

TOMORROW....:     AlexLatino Bigboots


TODAY AT 1PM SLT WOOT PARTY:     Teresa Tatham 
 ♬ ♪(¯`·._.  ℙ ΩЛЯຣƬ��ЯƧ ·._.·´¯)♫ ♬ 
【☢】    ⓌHO:☊Đل TT
【☢】    ⓌHAT:ROCK【☢】
【☢】    ⓌHERE:  ( ( (=  ℙ ΩЛЯຣƬ��ЯƧ  =) ) ) 【☢】
【☢】    ⓌHEN..1pm slt to 3pm slt【☢】

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Interview: 073
Name: Soumise Rossini
Country:  Switzerland
Second Life Birthdate: July 02, 2007
Experience:  Photo shootings, both soft and hardcore, but no video.
Won't do:  Not into animals or scat, not do I wish to have my body ripped in pieces... don't laugh, I've been asked for that ;)
Fantasy porn scene: Well Soumise, my name, means submissive in french... because that's what I am...
So my fantasy scene sees me wearing a hood that doesn't allow me to see, but leaves my mouth nicely in reach. I get bound on all fours, legs apart. Then people are let in the room, I hear only their voices, how they comment on me. Then they begin to touch me, I feel their hands, many hands, going all over my body. Caressing me, pinching me, squeezing some of my most sensitive parts...
After some time, can't really say if it's been only a few minutes or more, I get used, fucked, raped as a good sub slut, filling me with their cum, covering me in it, abusing that anonymous girl that is offered to them.
That night my Master that has organized the event sets me in front of the tv in the living room, and plays a dvd... It's my scene, it's me right there and.. Oh my god ! All those guys I do know ! My boss, my childhood friend, a few of the teachers I had, and... Oh you didn't do that... Thats my...
I'm sure you'll have plenty of ideas to complete that list loves... Kisses, Sou