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Monday, April 23, 2012

Sky Pirates

Sky Pirates is about 3 of the best Sky Pirates in the world. 3 young adventurous pirates looking for treasure. while getting ambushed by other pirates! Emotional, funny, action packed, it's there.
STARRING: Scooby Mode, Liltxsmile, MissEmily23, Khalid Dubrovna, Plato Ninetails & Zonker Silversmith.

Youtube Link

We don't usually spotlight a movies on here, but this movie is unique, starring 5 members of * SL PORN * group and not having any sex in it. Because of it's PG- rating I doubt it will get the views it deserves or that Scooby will post it on the adult machinimas.  But it does deserve a look, much more time and work went into this non ball riding movie than any porn movie I have worked on, and that is why we're spotlighting it here.

When awards are given for best actor or best actress, it's somewhat of a joke, more about how they put together their avatar then any acting they did because most porn is, standing in one spot for a few moments and then ball riding until the end. There was no ball riding by anyone in this movie.

Monday, April 9, 2012

~Notice SpotLight~

This ~Notice SpotLight~ goes to Liltxsmile
This is called: Teenah, ℭσrվηηє ℳαđợאא

We will try to once a week shine a light on a pictorial notice posted in * SL PORN * group!! Spotlight work from the *SL PORN* community.We have seen may "Artist" (Photographers) in the group and have more then just 1 to showcase this week (Perhaps 1 per day, this week)

 Liltxsmile is one of the very best photographer in Second life!!

ℭσrվηηє ℳαđợאא

Friday, March 30, 2012

Scooby Mode's commentary on the New updated Firestorm Viewer

Scooby's synopsis of the New updated Firestorm Viewer. Scooby offers an abundant amount of insight into the viewer's skins and his first hand impression/experience using the flexibility of the interface.

"I think it's safe to say that the current version has something to offer for everyone who uses it. You can switch back and forth between different skins, and even use the old viewer 1 skin that everyone knows and loves dearly. This firestorm allows you to" ............................

To see the rest of his post and pictures on the New Viewer update see Scooby's blog ......<<< click the hyper link.

*SL PORN* blog offers a one stop hub to view all the latest notices, blog posts, the newly released movies, even links to SL marketplace and SL search and so much more.  I encourage you to take a min and explore the blog.

Monday, March 26, 2012

NOTICES: March 25th

@ the Strip Club:   Pyscho Solari

Me and my friend Handes we wanted some fun... we went in a strip club and we had the pleasure to meet two hawt gurls...
Starring: Mercedesstyles,Hades,Moonie and Psycho
............continuity in pics!!

PrincessDemon:   Miss Emily23
Interview and naughty pictures!!
Also did a Directors Commentary on our latest release: Office Punishment, Sexual Harassment
Have a great Sunday!!!

Pel Beaton and Scooby Mode Congratulations:   Jasmine Skyward
Pel Beaton and Scooby Mode are recipients of the Machinima Arts Awards one of the highest honors and distinctions in SL Film.

Porn Party Earlier:   Evangeline Brunswick
i was there and i was quiet for a reason..hehe...... yeah i was perving you all ...and taking pics.... here they are on my blog...

NEW MOVIE! - Castaways:   Luther Blackburn
Bret and James are cruising along in their boat and notice a few girls stranded on an island. They can\'t help but just want to be of service. Directed by Luther Blackburn Produced by Hoobsdiddy, Starring: London zane, Kirsten Smith-Jonstone, Hoobs, Grim, and introducing Athren Askham and Kiki

The Carnal Sin - Movie (Teaser Trailer):   Candie Blonco
In a time when religion ruled, there were some who were ruled by temptation.
[ Machinima, Virtual Sex, Crucifixion, Religious, Female Demons, Hell, Savior, Tit Fucking, Temptation,
Fucking, 3-Some, Blowjob, Pussy Licking, Cum Bath, Cum Slut, Anal Sex, Storyline, Role Play ]

Willow takes her pet Easter shopping:   Khal Dubrovna
Mistress Willow brings her sweet little slut on a last minute Easter shopping, peering into the windows of the urban sim of The Warehouse when they strolled upon a lovely dock & decided to relax awhile.

The Beach:   Hunter Sorrelwood
I decide to cool off at Angels Bay

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Interview: 028
Name: Pussy Galore
Country: Germany
Second Life Birthdate: 10/12/11
Experience: Modeled in three photoshoots and one movie
Will do: Open minded/will do what is needed
Fantasy do's: A sensual F/M scene

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Notices February 20, 2012

NewShoot - KannibalStudio's; UnquenchableThrist
Lestat makes his offering to the female gothic goddess

Teenah Collazo (teenah.demina); liltxsmile
Teenah enjoying a winter getaway, soaking up some tropical rays and decides to pose!!

~~Pirates of SL~~; Willow Onskan
BY Willow Onskan of Platinum Fang Features
The lonely Pirate Lestat left abandoned sights a ship. Once aboard is greeted by a crew of all female pirates.

youtube video test;   London Zane
I just put this out to see how the downloading works on youtube.
Love, London

FLUX CLUB presents;   Jamreloaded Flux

PARTY PHOTO'S;   Keeley Snowfall
Here is my report and photo's from this last weekends party at the Pornstar Hangout.. enjoy : )

Pirates of SL - Lost at sea;  Lestat Draconia
The lonely Pirate Lestat left abandoned sights a ship. Once aboard, he is greeted by a crew of all female pirates.

Cowboy Lestat;   Lestat Draconia
Just a pic of me playing with some shadows! Let me know what ya think.