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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Interview: # 580     
Name: hee jewell  
Country: France    
Second Life Birthdate: April 27, 2007      
Why Porn: has most likely to do with the fact that i like to i did during my career as fashion model......i just love to dress and to style up....its about tease for me....not only as runway model... i worked as well in the entertaining business for long time.     
Experience:   i did participate in 2 porn movies..but unfortunately the director decided to leave sl without telling anyone of the crew..and took the movies with him...other then that...i did model a lot for quite some photographers..from fashion photography, very arty photography till different grades of pornographique pics.  
Sexual Orientation:   i am not really a girls girl...i love cocks too much..but that doesnt mean it never did happen with girls ....     
Won't do:   i don't think i would have a lot of no goes...if the scenario is coherent and the shooting and editing is well done.    
Favorite Sex Act:  there are so many ways to act sexually...for me it depends most of the time on my moods, circumstances and with whom i am with....    
Dominant or Submissive:   i am rather on the submissive side...but it can happen that a guy can make me really angry...i don't consider that as switching then ...
Hand Job or Titty Fuck: I do like both...i would do what i think the guy would like most... 
Blow Job or Anal Sex: oh those i love both ...and i practice both..anal sex after blow that order
Would you have sex with a director to get a part:  yes i would...i do love sex...if i see its a serious project and not just an attempt to get a free fuck 
Do I make you Nervous:  no..i have been a little this afternoon...but now i am totally calm.
Fantasy porn scene: gang bang