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Saturday, May 31, 2014

cαιυs elecтrιc

Interview: # 460
Country: Spain
Second Life Birthdate: May 25, 2014
Sexual orientation: Normally Im heterosexual, but how I say I dont know my limits
Why Porn: Well Im always interested in the audiovisual world, and porn is interesting and funny world,and true that Im a naughty boy "smiles"Experience: No I dont done nothing
Won't do: Why not try everything, even I do not know my limits
Submissive or Dominate: Depends on the time and the person I like to dominate but can dominate me.
Favorite Sex Act: woman girl on girl
Hand Job or Titty Fuck: A good handjob of a beautiful girl 
Blow Job or Anal Sex: A good blowjob
Would you have sex with a director to get a part:  Is this the way why not, always can be fun enjoy in the job.
Do I make you Nervous:  No, just hope make the cut
Fantasy porn scene: An orgy, a crazy orgy in a rich party