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Monday, July 11, 2016

Dax Rahi

Interview: # 617
Name:  daxie777

Country: United States
Second Life Birthdate:
April 17, 2014  
Why Porn: Well porn has always been a passion of mine, both in the filming/photography or modeling.  I had friends that did some of it awhile back and always said it was a fun friendly crowd.  Unfortunately my early SL days was busy focusing on my DJ'ing and D/s escapades. *chuckles*.   
Sexual Orientation: I'm bi-sexual though prefer the company of women over men. 
Won't do: Well there are only a few kinks that I do not do and that would be any form of bathroom play or Dolcett.  But other than that i'm open to just about anything.  I have no issues with male-male, shemale-male, or any other combinations.  Or even fantasy beast play, as I do have a minatour avatar as well..
Yes, I've done some still photo shoots with a couple of photographers and the work has been posted to their Flickr sites and blogs.  I haven't yet been in any movies.  I do enjoy taking still photos on my own which I showcase on my Flickr site..
Favorite Sexual Act: 
Mmmm, well my favorite would be eating a girl out.  Something about giving oral to a woman just makes me melt.
Dominate or Submissive: 
Well that is a tricky question as I'm constantly exploring myself sexually.  Through the bulk of my life i've always leaned submissive and enjoyed the pure joy of pleasing others.  About a year ago though I started dabbling with being dominant and found that it was equally enjoyable.  My dominant style i'm told is much different than others probably from my years of submission and continual submissive behaviors..
Hand Job or Titty Fuck:
I'd have to go with titty fucking.
Blow Job or Anal Sex:
Anal sex!!
Would you have sex with a director to get a part:
It would depend I think.  I would love to get more roles and be in a lot of productions but it would be a case by case basis.  Probably would depend on how it was proposed to me.  With a wink and smile would do well for me..
Do I make you Nervous:  A little bit for sure.  I'm a rather shy guy in both RL and SL, it's something I work on.  But, you are a big name in the SL porn industry so there is definitely an intimidation factor.

Fantasy porn scene: I would love to do a scene where I was a submissive to a Mistress who throws a play party for her other Domme friends.  They all take turns using me however they desire with a decent amount of different BDSM toys, etc.  Maybe a few shemales thrown in there.