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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Return of WowMeh

Yay, the Wowmeh mesh body has returned!!
The new Version is called the WowMeh Silhouette
Baby (baby.ghosn) has reworked the body and not certain what the DMAC was filed for she has replaced anything that was not 100% her creation whether she had full prems on it or not!!

The new body came out as an update for those that had previously bought the body and should be back for sale in less then a week for those that had not bought it yet!! There was a mad rush to get the update yesterday which shows how popular this body is, the servers couldn't keep up with the demand and many waited 30 minutes or more for there update. I waited to nearly midnight to try to get mine.
I am really sick of this DMAC crap!! It seems you point the finger and the person you point at now has to prove they did not infringe on someones copyright!! Guilty until proven innocent!! The DMAC has become a tool to stymie the competition and the powers that be seem to be completely content with that!!

I do suggest this; if you want this body go buy it as soon as it becomes available, because until the guilty until proven innocent way of thinking is stopped by the powers that be, I would not be surprise if another DMAC is file by Baby's competition!! Lets hope not!!