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Friday, December 27, 2013

Tania Harper

Interview: # 378
Country: Belgium
Second Life Birthdate: October 09, 2011
Sexual orientation:  I would say I'm 95% straight. I can enjoy a beautiful girl once in a while but my preference are still guys. I also like shemales. 
Why Porn:  I like to in the porn industry because I'm a real exhibitionist at heart. I love the idea of people getting off on my movies. I also am a bit of an attention whore I must admit. Plus the hottest studs are in porn right!
Experience:  I did some photo sets... 1 movie
Won't do:  I won't do anything which is considered illegal obviously. I don't do heavy BDSM or anything that I consider too degrading.
Would you have sex with a director to get a part: No doubt on my mind! Why wouldn't I?
Fantasy porn scene: I'm a pretty hardcore girl. In my favorite scene I would be just doing day to day business like going shopping - before things go wrong. I lost my way back home and I'm stuck in the wrong part of town. Some guy wants to help me out and I trust him being so naïve. A couple instants later I realize I'm gonna get gang banged by 5 studs. Oh my Lord!