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Monday, March 11, 2013

More Shops offering Tango Appliers!

Hello everyone, yesterday I did start with the first blogpost to give a listing of SecondLife shops that are offering Tango Appliers with their merchandise of clothing. The first post included the first 10 Shops, today's second blogpost will include the next 15 Shops, that offer Tango Appliers with their outfits.

Seeing that my first blogpost yesterday had a good amount on pageviews, also made me think it does have a good interests, thank you for the showing of this interests and I hope this second blogpost will be having alot of this interest showing as my previous blogpost did.

First blogpost: Listing of Shops offering Tango Appliers!

Ok, after the jump I will list the Shops, click on their name for the Market Place Store or SLurl to visit them inworld. Also always do read and check first before you buy, some might be selling the Tango Appliers seperatly.

Click 'Read More' to check out this second listing!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Listing of Shops offering Tango Appliers!

Hello everyone out there in the SecondLife Porn world. Wishing you all a very good Sunday. While those of you in the United States went to Daylight Saving Time (Summertime) in the night of Saturday to Sunday, and most have now lost one hour as it did skip from 2:00AM to 3:00AM, those in Europe still have to wait for that to happen. So, don't forget the time differences now are one hour less!

Today, I wanted to do a blogpost to let you all know that more and more SL Stores are providing Tango Appliers for their clothing outfits. And while I was on my shopping tour in SL, I came across stores that you might have not heard of.

I am an avid shopper and I visit many shops when I spend my time shop-hopping hehe. And to my surprise, I am seeing and found shops that all of a sudden are either starting with offering Tango Appliers or have it out now for a majority of their merchandise of clothing. This has made me decide to give you all a listing of my findings and it might give you more shops of interests then the ones that are already known by most of you. Click on store name to check their MP Store!

Click 'Read More' to see the list after the jump.