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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Skyler Lunasea

SL۰Porn Interview: #607                                           Date: 13th March 2016

Name:  Skyler Lunasea 
SecondLife Birthdate: 5th September 2007
Country and Timezone: United States ( SLT +2 )

What would be the best times for you to be available for Porn shoots?
I would say the best times for me are the weekends. I am online in the morning some and alot in the evenings. I work during the week so I am only able to get on SecondLife for a few hours at night.
What is your Sexual Orientation in SecondLife?
Mmmm my sexual Orientation. I am mostly attracted to men. But had some sexual interaction with women. Kind of depend on my mood I guess. Because being with a man is very different than with being with a female.
Do you have SecondLife Porn Experience?
My experience is still small. I have done some photos with a small hand full of photographers. And I have done some photos on my own. Alot of the photo I have done on my own have been masturbation photos. It's kind of what I am into.
What made you decide to become a SecondLife Pornstar?
I'll be honest I was in SL for about 8 years and didn't know this world existed. Till I meet my friend Raelin Jestyr. And I did a photo with her a few times and then just started following other photographers. I was then hook and started dabbing with photos of my own. For alot of peoples are about art and capturing the moment. And sex is a natural thing.
Are you being a Dominant or a Submissive?
Well. *laughs* I like to play the role of Both. On my flickr I do like to lean more to the Dominant side. But that is only when I am with a women. With a male I like to be both. I do prefer to be on top.
Do you have Sexual Fetishes that you like to do in SecondLife Porn?
I have to say my fetish is the Dom and Sub mission roles. The clothing and wear of hot sexy clothing is something I like to do.
What won't you do in SecondLife Porn and are your limits?
I think interspecies erotica would have to be my limit. Porn with animals not really my thing, other than that I am pretty much open to anything. I don't judge.
Would you have sex with a Photographer / Director to get into a project?
Probably not to get into their project. I would like to try to get the project with my wits and charm. But I won't say no to sex after the project.
What are your favorite Sex acts you like to do in SecondLife Porn?
I can't just pick a favorite act. But if I have to pick one. It have to be what we are doing at this moment. Laughs. ( 'Reference to Photo #6' :p )
What would be your fantasy SecondLife Porn Scene you like to do?
Being bent over on a table to chair, wearing some crazy hot sex outfit and being spanked, second would be me stand right on top of a man with my heel against his chest.