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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Monday, December 22, 2014

Anyka's Retreat

One recent full-moonlit evening I ran into our very own erotic Anyka Aiséirí at a bath house. She told me she was having a little retreat to relax. I decided to help and I booked sexy pornstar Sil to come surprise Anyka with a nice massage. Wow, it was just so hard and deep and hot I had to shoot it! See for yourselves..

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Legs Wide Spread, Chapter 2


Dr.Harper is summoned to the apartment of the late Mr. Nathanson, he consoles the grieving daughter as she professes her love for him. The boyfriend (Carl) arrives and Dr. Harper leaves continuing his nights journey next encountering Domino the hooker, she invites him in and he goes in. When Dr. Harper's wife calls he once again continues his night, next finding himself outside the Jazz Club his old friend is playing at.The two chat and Nick tells him of this next gig at a secret site where he plays the piano blindfolded. Dr Harper insist that Nick take him with him and Nick tells him he can't get in without a costume and "Where you going to find a costume at 2am?"

You may think you know this movie, but not like this in explicit hardcore action!!
This isn't your normal Second Life porn video!!

 Chapter 2 has a cast of 26, used 6 set built from scratch and 1 store bought. This cast hardly resembles the cast from Chapter 1 other than the key characters of Dr. Bill Harper and his wife Alice. But that is one of the things that makes this movie great is it's large variety of cast. 18 new cast members were added bring the total cast to 58 actors and actresses!!

CAST Chapter 2

Zuriel Bedlam
J C Pond
Ali Lancrae
Anyka Aiseiri
Talisker Braveheart
Don Roodborst
Tosh Fitzcarraldo
Erin Cederbridge
Racheal Rexen
Partee Mytili
Thorgal McGillivary

Jazz Club Guest:
Erika Thorkveld
Onyx Marabana
Traci Quandry
Lexi Fizzle

PreviousMovie:  Legs Wide Spread, Chapter 1   

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Legs Wide Spread, Chapter 1


Doctor Bill Harper and his wife Alice go to a ball of the wealthy where they meet many interesting characters, an old college friend, a sex charged Hungarian, a couple of models, and an ODed hooker. The ordeal has the couple very aroused when they get home!!
The following day we get a glimpse of their daily lives before they reside to the bedroom and get in a heated debated about matters they keep to themselves!!!
Emmanuelle's Spread Legs
You may think you know this movie, but not like this in explicit hardcore action!!
This isn't your normal Second Life porn video!!
Chapter 1 has a cast of 42, used 9 set built from scratch, has some very well known names in it (Serenity and Louise) and a special cameo by Emmanuelle Jameson, which I bugged her for a month to do the shoot, along with some that are in their very first movie.

Kelli's Spread Legs
Cast of Chapter 1 
Zuriel Bedlam
Charles Spain
Marika Blaisdale
Mirko Panacek
Louise Kristan-Faulds
Serenity Kristan-Faulds
Dillon Lecker
Emily's Spread Legs
Kelli Kristan-Jameson
Nikki Brinner
Vixxen Rainbow
Emmanuelle Jameson
Edvard Taurion
Ball Guest: 
Zoey Winsmore
JayJay Moyet
Racheal Rexen
Precious Blanko
Vixxen's Spread Legs
Surf Kai
Terrance Maurer
Nikki Brinner
Don Roodborst
Vampy Chant
Antonio Barbosa
Erika Thorkveld
Proud Autism Advocate
Serenity's Spread legs
Talisker Braveheart
Anyka Aiseiri
Barbara Dash
Sophie Zin
Sophie Young
Graham Collinson
Keeley Snowfall
Emily's Spread legs
Jazzy Cutie Monroe
Abigail Sprinkle Gothic
Janis Aulder