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Sunday, June 1, 2014

SecondLife™ Account Hacking Day!!!

Summer is almost about to start this month and it already looks like that it is the warm weather that brings out the hackers from their hiding spot in the basement during the cold winter months. Yesterday I have already seen it happen that two people on my friendslist that were hacked by KREYPT NATION REPUBLIC.

[ Post Edit @ 7:00AM SLT ]
Known and confirmed is that KREYPT NATION uses Skype, sending you a picture that is malicious!!! Be carefull on Skype. It does NOT happen inworld in SecondLife™. People were starting to panic about that.

An article about this hacker also did show up on the General Discussion Forum yesterday, SecondLife™ Community - General Discussion Forum. It was early in the morning ( SLT ) when I saw the first person on my friendslist that got hacked, recieving suddenly a conference chat with the following message said;

The conference chat
[2014/05/31 08:54:53] HACKED BY KREYPT NATION: ladies and Gentlemen, We have taking this cunts account for Crimes against Kreypt Nation, In this chat there is 5 people who will also be hacked by us,. Prepare for the Second Coming of Kreypt Nation. Hail elitus.
[2014/05/31 08:55:29] *Name Hidden*: what is this?
[2014/05/31 08:56:01] HACKED BY KREYPT NATION: This is a Hacker Hacking a Slut.

A few minutes after this conference chat was started, I was apparently the lucky one that this hacker thought the need to say something to me privatly, recieving from him the following private IM, I did not even answer and respond to;

The personal IM
[2014/05/31 09:01:41] HACKED BY KREYPT NATION: show me your pussy slut.

I decided to be safe from all this and did remove this hacked account from my friendslist of the first person that got attacked and blocked it aswell. Not really wanting to see the hacker come online and offline whenever as he pleases.

But a few hours after the SL PORN Beach Party ended, I suddenly saw it again: HACKED BY KREYPT NATION is Online. I immediatly did check who it was and this time it was shocking to see Graham's account also got hacked. I really do hope he gets his account back intact.

[ Post Edit @ 6:00AM SLT ]
Unfortunatly it was wishful thinking and trying to be positive, but this hacker did clean out deleting 70.000 valuable items from Graham's inventory.

And ofcourse, to Graham.. I did delete the hacked account from my friendslist only because it got hacked. For safety and not wanting to see that display name the hacker did set, I did not remove you from friendslist for any personal reasons, it was purely just because of seeing it happen twice yesterday.

The most disturbing of all is that this hacker feels the need to slander by writing something awfull and horrible on people's profiles after it gets hacked. Makes me want to point out to always keep yourself safe from getting hacked yourself.

[ Post Edit @ 8:00AM SLT - Thanks to Graham]
When you are being attacked, and hacked by KREYPT NATION through Skype, immediatly act and turn off your Modem. The file ( a picture ) being sent is shutting down your AntiVirus etc, and the hacker gets access to your computer finding every possible password stored. So it is vital, to act as fast as you can also logging into your SecondLife™ Dashboard and erase your Payment Info.

A few good tips to always keep in mind:

* Change your SecondLife™ password regularly on a few months timeframe, or have atleast a very strong long password that isn't so very easy to figure it out!!
( This is unfortunatly NOT when the Skype hacker attacks you. )

* Don't blindly click on a link that is given in groupchats or conferences. Always first read the link before clicking on it. ( The well known fake Marketplace links )

* Don't accept objects from people you don't know, telling you that you can get L$10.000 free lindens when wearing a HUD or something.

Yes, all these things might seem silly when thinking about it, but we all have seen how many people really did fall for this trick believing it and then getting their SecondLife™ accounts hacked. Be carefull in SecondLife™ and be safe!!!

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