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Thursday, December 31, 2015

*+*'*•.¸  SL Porn Group Rules  ¸.•*'*+*
for Repostings and Not Porn!!!

My  'Group Moderating'  for the  *SL Porn*  group is not 24/7. I only will moderate when Emily is not online.  The reason why I did send the following Group Notice:

SL Porn Group Rules for Repostings and Not Porn!!!
Sending out the   SL Porn   Group Rules by Emily so everyone knows them from now on.   Regarding to the 'Repostings' and the 'Not Porn' for photos and movies.

I did ask some politely not to do this in the groupchat a few times and it only did result in getting IMs back in a way that would have never been done to Emily.    I am done with this. I will no longer accept any IM discussions. Breaking the rules will result in a 48 hours groupchat mute  and  your notices rights will be revoked.

is that I am really done dealing with some of the  Group members who think they can talk back to me in a way that they would never do to Emily.      I am not your Group Moderator that you can say some things to when you feel that you can do whatever you want. Or because I am not Emily.  I do deserve respect just as you all respect Emily. In fact, I never see these things happen when the Group Owner is online. So in my opinion, you know it is against the rules, but since the Group Owner is not online, it suddenly doesn't apply anymore because no one will see.

This is now going to change.     I will be actively Moderating for these two Group Rules since these are the two rules that are being broken over and over again. A very simple clarification for these two Group Rules is now being explained below:

Group Rule #7:    Only make one notice per Pictorial Releases, Movie Release.
This rule doesn't limit to only the group notices, it applies also for groupchat.  Do not think you can use groupchat for your reposting. One Notice and One in Chat!

Group Rule #10: No more "Not porn but I wanted to share" Notice - Chat posts.
You have joined a SL Porn group!!   Not an ordinary PG Photo Sharing group.   It doesn't have to be sexual or hardcore.    Do show some nudity in your awesome photos.  NO photos of headshots of a model and NO to only just clothed photos.

I will no longer deal with any of your discussion IM's  if you're breaking these two Group Rules.   I have had enough of that this year to deal with IM's that someone wouldn't have send in the first place to Emily. Breaking these rules will result in a 48 hours groupchat mute   and your   group notices rights     will be revoked.


PS:  If it happens, you can hate me for doing this.  But I have tried multiple times to ask it politely in IM's for a while. I did ask it politely in groupchat lately.     I am now just done with the discussions I get afterwards.    You can even unfriend me.
But these are the SL Porn Group Rules for years.  Don't like it?  Leave the group!

As a final warning: I will not tolerate any bitching in my IM if this happens to you. If you do, you will also get a Permanent Group Ban.    You'll have to thank all the members that did think they could treat me with   grief, disrespect and rudeness.

I sincerely hope that I don't have to do this and that we all can slide into 2016 as a great awesome Porn Community.            But all this is now all up to everyone.