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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Overly Moralistic Porn Site


I have been posting videos there since July 2014 after went away and I have tolerated their self imposed set of morals. Even though I believe my latest movie Resurrection, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E6) will clear TOS, maybe before I post this even I want to warn fellow movie makers about this site!!

I like the way my videos look on this X-Tube, I like the quality of the videos I embed on this blog from X-Tube, but what I don't like is there list of "Banned Words"!!!

Banned Words, can you believe it on a porn site you can't say certain words, and no it's not bad words that kids aren't suppose to say like, Shit, Fuck, Whore, Cunt, it's words like Daughter, High, Mother, Father words you say probably before you are 5.

My movie: The Mile High Club on X-Tube I had to name it: The Mile Up Club because the word "High" is one of the probably 100's of banned words. Now I understand "High" can be associated with drug use and drugs are BAD (don't do drugs kids!) but that's just it were not suppose to be kids viewing that site. Even on Sesame Street, Bert can say "Look how high up in that tree Ernie is." But X-Tube has it's own set of children's words it has banned for our protection, I guess!!

Now for the most part X-Tube does a good job of flagging the words it doesn't like so that you can change all of them before hitting the Upload button. But many times if must have a list of questionable words that are used in the description that don't get flagged. I have had it before where after the video is uploaded it shows a word that is on the banned list and you have to start the uploading process all over.

But recently with my Intergalactic SLUTS series, once my movies are converted and ready to be viewed they get: Video has been reported for TOS , now I could sit and say "Fucking haters" but the movies have 0 views. Resurrection, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E6)  is stamped with Video has been reported for TOS right now and not a single view. Interrogation, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E5) was the same way and a week later when I checked on it it was up and in public view. So I'm sure the same will happen to Resurrection and no biggie!! It has nothing wrong with it a completely original series with no possible copyright infringements.

But here is what movie makers need to do with X-Tube (other site I use don't have "Banned words"). X-Tube gives you a big box to put a description of your movie in, which is great, you would think. The more you can tell about your movie the more views you can get. BUT it's sort of like "Give them enough rope to hang themselves" thing. If you have these "Questionable words" in the description it gets tossed in to the Video has been reported for TOS pile.

So this is what I need to do and everyone uploading there should do, the minimum description is 30 characters, it probably doesn't even have to make since as long as it's not a word that could be questionable. Type in your 30 characters, your title can be anything as well and once it's accepted and converted for view, go back and edit all that. See the "Banned words" don't count after the video has been put out to the public, it's just during upload and conversion!!

I know stupid right? Almost as stupid as a porn site banning children's words!!!

Now if your Video has been reported for TOS after it has been put out to the public, I can't help you there "fucking trolls".

My last years movie Legs Wide Spread, The Motion Picture never made it to X-Tube it was uploaded and stalled, so I uploaded it again and it stalled again (meaning it is in there data base, just with no explanation why it was never put out to the public) so when I tried a 3rd time with a 3rd name and nearly no description, it must of realize I had uploaded this movie before and told me so.

The less you tell them the better!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Veterans Day Formal Celebration Invitation


Please join then on November 10th at Abbie's hideaway beach to celebrate our veterans. This is a formal affair held at the clubhouse and all are welcome. All proceeds will go to support TAVA (Trans gender American Veterans Association). Come out and celebrate with us to honor those that have served. Abbies Hideaway Nude Beach,

Also on the 11th there will be a benefit concert held at Sensations Mansion,

Both of the events are from 7-9pm SLT