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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Prim Breasts: LOLAS!

In world Store (SLurl):  LOLAS! ::: Natural Breasts ::: 

Today I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about the use of prim breasts, describe the best as I can what my experiences are and what makes them special. Since I am using the LOLAS for nine months now, I will mention these to my post on the SL Porn blog today. I know there are many other brands available and not everyone uses the LOLAS, but I don't have any experience with those other brands so I can't discuss them myself. Of course, someone that uses another brand, can send me a note card telling me what their experience is with those prim breasts. And I will be happy to make a post here on the blog mentioning about your prim breasts.

First and most importantly, I am working as an Adult Actress/Porn star for six months now and I bought the LOLAS before I did decide to become an Adult Actress/Porn star, so they are not bought for that reason. I bought them cause I did like the look and that they are more in proportion with size and shape. I do not mean to send out bad things towards the prim breasts community users that have breasts that are much bigger then the LOLAS, every person makes their own choices and that should always be respected, and so do I respect it if someone has prim breasts from another brand. While yes, comments received on prim breasts can vary to positive and negative comments. I mostly got very good comments, with a few that didn't like them and one person even mentioning to me, he derendered them after asking the "Golden Question", Why do you use prim breasts?..

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