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Monday, April 23, 2012

Sky Pirates

Sky Pirates is about 3 of the best Sky Pirates in the world. 3 young adventurous pirates looking for treasure. while getting ambushed by other pirates! Emotional, funny, action packed, it's there.
STARRING: Scooby Mode, Liltxsmile, MissEmily23, Khalid Dubrovna, Plato Ninetails & Zonker Silversmith.

Youtube Link

We don't usually spotlight a movies on here, but this movie is unique, starring 5 members of * SL PORN * group and not having any sex in it. Because of it's PG- rating I doubt it will get the views it deserves or that Scooby will post it on the adult machinimas.  But it does deserve a look, much more time and work went into this non ball riding movie than any porn movie I have worked on, and that is why we're spotlighting it here.

When awards are given for best actor or best actress, it's somewhat of a joke, more about how they put together their avatar then any acting they did because most porn is, standing in one spot for a few moments and then ball riding until the end. There was no ball riding by anyone in this movie.