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Monday, November 18, 2013


SL-Porn Interview: #364
Interview Date: 17th November 2013

Name: Neressa ( torque2100 ) 
SecondLife Birthdate: 11th June 2013
Country: USA  ( CST/CDT - SLT +2 )
Sexual orientation: I'm Bisexual. Preference: I have a preference for Men. Straight sex is just so much more cinegenic and it's more fun to think about, photograph and film.
Experience: I'm both a model and a Photographer. I would like to direct as well. I have 4 photoshoots under my belt, 3 scripted and one impromptu and wherever I go I like to snap photos. I haven't made a movie yet, but I would like to.
Won't do: I won't do Pee, Scat or anything with Children. I also will not change my avatar. I like being a sexy tigress and I'm not changing that. I know it will limit my roles somewhat, but I'd much rather have one or two movie roles as myself than a dozen roles as what someone else wants me to be. Besides, lots of guys love the Tiger Girl look. ;)
Would you have sex with a director: Absolutely, I'd do it.. err him in a heartbeat. I love sex and I don't mind at all mixing work with pleasure.
What made you decide getting into SL Porn: I've been an avid sexual roleplayer for about 2 years. I finally decided to get SL, found out about the Porn Biz and decided why not give it a try? I love being the object of desire and sharing dirty fantasies with others. Being a Porn Model and a Photographer gives me the chance to do both.
Fantasy porn scene: Now that's a dangerous question if ever I heard one. I've got so many ideas floating around this naughty little kitty head of mine. I've always wanted to do a reverse gang-bang scene. Imagine it, three, four or even six of the sexiest porn stars in SL with one very lucky guy. Or me with four guys giving them the time of their lives. I've also always wanted to try a few things on the weirder end of the spectrum. Like a scene with a Monster like a Minotaur or Wolf-man picking me up and fucking me raw. Just the idea of being overwhelmed and totally dominated by huge muscular beast, mmm makes this kitty wet. Another fantasy of mine is to shoot a scene with a guy who's a mutant or alien or something so he's bi-phallic. Meaning he has two cocks; one just above the other so he can fuck my pussy and my ass at the same time.