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Friday, August 2, 2013

Lolas Tango - Tune Up Script!!!

Hello Pornstars,

a week ago or so I was doing my browsing on the MarketPlace and I have found something amazing for those that use the Lolas Tango Mesh Breast. As we all know, it is pretty high on scriptcounts when having other items attached and more and more places that can get crowded want the script count as low as possible. With this script, you can reduce the Tango script count from 23 to just 2!!! Yes, just 2 and it keeps having all the functionality from the Lolas Tango intact. Infact, it gives some more features that Lolas Tango doesn't have.

Marketplace Link: Click here to visit the MarketPlace shop!!!

[IM] Script Improvements, (creator: Ion Munro), has made this script that is easy to use to accomplish the scripts reduction from 23 to just 2. I truely think she did an amazing job on this and I am very happy to have found this. I tried it and it did work for me. (Just make sure, you do not have any other scripts inside of your Lolas Tango or it won't work. I had the bouncy script from Que Bella still inside, so any other scripts you have added, need to be taken out first before you plan to do what the creator has written in the manual notecard!!)

The other neat option is that it will remember your nipple setting, so it will appear automatically when taking your top off. (No longer the need to also go into the nipples menu of the tango's to select one of the three nipple options).

For the sales price, I think it is not expensive and it is a fair price. I believe that it was a pretty hard task to accomplish it and it is well worth the spending in my opinion. Rests me to say, thank you to the creator for making this script and I hope you all have more fun keeping the tango's on while going to a sim that wants you to reduce scriptcounts. And no more the need, to delete scripts having to make sure you keep an original copy.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!!!
And see you all ofcourse tomorrow at the weekly Porn*Stars Beach Party.

Zoey Winsmore.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Toy Babydoll in White

Must Buy of the Week

It's been awhile since I have do one of these, mostly I have been buying expensive stuff and things I doubt 5% of the people reading this would even want. On Monday the 7th Zoey shot a movie Naughty Threesome Date for her company Naughty Pixel Productions in which lingerie was the wardrobe.

I really like babydolls in RL, they add a little more than just a bra and panties, but on SL the flex gown part usually doesn't seem to fit right. Either where it connects to the bra or my butt cuts through the bottom every time I move. 

I tried on  all the babydolls I had in my inventory and just got frustrated with all of them for the reasons stated above, so I went to the market plact thinking if I spent a little more then my usual L$10 on one I might get something that works... so I did and here is what I bought.

Toy Babydoll in White
At the Hump-day Party (no panties)

Just the bra & panty in Scoobys movie
Wore all 3 pieces in Zoey's movie
Naughty Threesome Date

 More after the break, click "Read more"

Sunday, October 21, 2012

.:: DELISH ::. Complete Avatar - Anna - *Almost FREE*

Must Buy of the Week

With Halloween 10 days away, thought I would show these School Girl costumes for L$1 each.
The whole outfit comes with a shape, skin, eyebrow shape, eyes and Glasses (which I did not wear). The costume overall looks great, I would wear my own bangles, glasses and shoes (which I didn't for the pictures)  but the clothing part of the costume is well worth L$1.

I also wanted to show what could be removed and added to make this a Sexy School Girl costume, so here that is. 

This is the Pink outfit and I also modified the color of the tie

Pink tie
No Skirt, my pink thong
No Shirt, my pink undis

Topless, no undies
This Costume also comes in 7 colors. 

Click "Read more" for information, MP pictures and links.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

.:: DELISH ::. Halloween Costumes + Skin + Shape - Witch V2

Must Buy of the Week

 With Halloween 18 days away, thought I would show these witches costumes for L$1 each.
The whole outfit comes with a shape, skin, eyebrow shape and eyes (which I did not wear). The costume overall looks great, I would wear my own bangles and shoes (which I didn't for the pictures)  but the clothing and hat part of the costume is well worth L$1.

I also wanted to show what could be removed to make this a Sexy Witch costume, so here that is.


No thong
The costume also come with a flying broom, which that alone is more then worth the L$1.

This Costume also comes in 6 colors. 
Click "Read more" for information, MP pictures and links.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Must Buy of the Week

*The Perfumed Rope - Healthy Glow  Intimate Tub, L$111

This Must buy of the week is from, The Perfumed Rope - Gorean & Medieval Furniture.
The reason I pick this was for it's poses and price. This is only available in world, her MarketPlace Store doesn't have bath tubs shown, and for that reason I can't give a bunch of details or a link to purchase it.

So I went back to the in world store, brought a hott porn star to model the tub for me while I took some pictures.

Link to the in world store:
Click"Read more" to see some of the shots I took with the tub I have.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Must Buy of the Week

4th of July special

>>> EDGE - Bikini - USA
This weeks Must Buy may not appeal to people that don't like The United States, but for those of you that do, this is the best bikini I could find for the price of only L$10.

Emily and Șαɱαɴτħα modeling

 This bikini is perfect for any Second Life 4th of July beach party you maybe attending.
Speaking of which, this weeks Hump-day party will be on the 4th and on the beach below Porn*Stars night club. So there you go... if you buy this bikini and need a reason to wear it, you have one.

Click "Read more" for the MP picture and links! Also there was a lot more to this shoot and if you want to see a preview picture, it's included.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Must Buy of the Week

Nerenzo Lounger "Capri" - adult version 

This weeks must buy is a little more expensive then my typical ones under L$100, but at a price of L$595 it is well worth it. One thing I love about Nerenzo's products is that they are copyable, so instead of paying L$595 per lounge you can rezz up as many as you want. On my private beach combined with Porn*Stars Beach I have 17 of these lounges rezz which equals out to L$35 each.

Another thing is they are 4 prims each, when I bought these I went through and replaced the old 12 pose, 10 prim lounges with these, saving 102 primes.  These lounges have more texture combination to them then I want to even sore through, but defiantly you can get about any look out of them you want.

Here are the photo shoots I used the Lounger in:

Penny & Rock
Raelin & Scooby
Sunday Afternoon
Selina Anatra & Lil
Kukla & Emily
Taylha & Lil
 Ok used it a lot, click "Read more" to see my other uses, Market Place pictures and links

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Must Buy of the Week

-SG- Dendi Shirt & Tank 

I wanted something I wear a lot in real life, but with Second life's limitations it is hard to create and look right.

What I wanted was a mans dress shirt. You know the kind you slip on in the morning when you get up with nothing on, it's almost like a robe with your mans cologne and smell to it. You put it on, button it up, roll the sleeves up so your hands aren't cover, put your messy hair in a clip and go out to the kitchen to make him breakfast.

The thing is nothing in SL is long enough to cover your naughty parts with out going mesh. For some reason a jacket in SL leaves your genital exposed so the only way to hid them is a hard to match material prime  that looks completely unnatural. So why fight it, I just search through many MarketPlace pages to find what was the best mans dress shirt I could find, and this is what I found.
If you read this section much you know that I feel getting anything for L$10 or less is a bargain, I mean it cost the designer L$10 just to upload the material. So this is what  I bought!
 Note: for a women you will nee to shrink the collar and the arm sleeve prime to fit your size, but it's not to hard to do and I don't wear the under shirt that comes with it.

Click "Read more" to see the MarketPlace, product pictures and links.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Must Buy of the Week

MB C-Class boxed

 I needed a car for a prop, it had to be realistic looking, cheap and drivable  when I came across the MB C-Class priced at L$1.
We have used the car in 2 of our upcoming, yet to be released movies.

As always in this section I look for quality and affordability!! It will cost you L$10 to upload a picture to SL, so anything under that I see as a great bargain!! This car isn’t a 2d picture; it’s a great looking drivable vehicle.

Click "Read more" to see the MarketPlace photos and Links.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Must Buy of the Week

LOVE + SEX RUG 4 PRIMS 340 HQ Animations Cuddle Dance Hardlove Single Massage rug fur. L$199

I had noticed another ANPULI LIFESTYLE rug in the MarketPlace for a long time (the one with 859 reviews) but thought because of it's low price the quality would be low as well. 

Linda bought us this one and yesterday we tried it out (reason we were late to the party), and are very happy with it.

The animations aren't perfect, but I have yet to see anything on SL that is, for the price it's just as good as some of furniture or rugs we spent 10 times that much on.
The rug has a big menu with over 340 High Quality animations: 

Click "Read more" to see the rest of our pictures, the MarketPlace pictures and Links

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Must Buy of the Week

A2 Premium Cum, Full Set

Click the picture to get a better look

While at L$600 this isn't the cheapest product I have indorsed, but as a porn star that needs to have her cum layers ready on cue this product is the best! It is a HUD, just make sure the 3 cum layer are marked as worn and then you just click the HUD location, and the options of "A bit messy" or "More messy".

It's not a clothing or tattoo layer so you don't have to worry about that and it rezzs faster then those layers do as well. The cum will show on top of anything you are wearing. Also clean up is simple as clicking the "Clean" button.

The cum looks real as it dangles off your body, the only down side is when your laying on your back the dangling of cum toward your feet still exists and defies the laws of gravity.
But if you're serious about being a porn actress this is a must buy, quick and easy to use.

Marketplace Link: