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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Miss Emily's Studio Tour Sets of LWS Chapter 1

Behind the scenes: The Sets of LWS Chapter 1

The land holdings of Miss Emily's studio are the full homestead of MiaBell and the 1/8 of a sim at Vision. I have not used any "out of pocket" funds in over a year and a half, everything spent comes from Porn*Star Fashions sales. MiaBell is the main studio housing the office, where meetings and interviews are done, a tropical "nature" vegetation where beach shoots are done at surface level.

For Legs Wide Spread I had all prior sets removed other then the hospital, to make room for all the sets I would need. There are 2 levels currently used, 2000 meters up has LWS city, where the street scenes and anything needing an exterior are shoot

3000 meters up has all the box sets and where all sets are built, even the ball room, I built it there then cloned it so we could shoot the ball at Vision, not enough people room at MiaBell. Also Rainbow Fashions, Gillespie's Diner and The Sonata Cafe were built there and moved to the city set

Here I want to show the 9 sets you see in LWS chapter 1. I don't just show up at a club and use whatever sex furniture they have, to make a movie!!!

Bill and Alice Harper's bedroom:
This is the set used the most in Chapter 1 when I originally built this I left out a lot of details and as I built other sets I realized I need more for this set. Following the original movie photos this set was redesigned.

The Ball foyer:
Not a lot to this set just needed a greeting spot.
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