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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Millie Bekkers

Interview: #560   Date: 1st September 2015

Name: Millie Bekkers (millie.bekkers) 
SecondLife Birthdate: 25th February 2007
Country: Well I was born in the USA but I call the Kingdom of the Netherlands my home. :)
Sexual Orientation: Well it is mostly 90% straight.
Dominant or Submissive: In bed? Submissive.
SL Porn Experience: None what so ever... I am quite the enthusiastic amateur.
What made you decide getting into SL Porn: Well... I have been on SL for several years now. Have seen a lot... Have done a ( was a big hoochie mama for several years ) LOT. It is something I would like to try.
Won't do / Limits: Hmmmm... Anything that SL would frown on of course. I had sex with a dog once. It was weird. And violence. That bothers me. Everything else? I am ok with.
Hand Job or Titty Fuck: Ohhhhhhh.... Do I need to choose? Looks down at her pride and joy... Titty fuck. Definitely.
Blow Job or Anal Sex: Hmmmmm first one then the other? Then I choose blow job and then.......
Favorite Sex acts: Love blow jobs. And doggy. And missionary. Actually... All of them... In that order.
Do I make you Nervous: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Would you have sex with a director: Well I would have sex with anyone if they are cute. If you are nice and cute, OMG YES!!!! If you are a director. Of course!
Fantasy SL Porn Scene: Ohhhh that is an easy one... Being gang banged by several black men.