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Thursday, June 21, 2012

~Notice SpotLight~

About once a week I'll shine a light on a pictorial notices posted in * SL PORN * group!! Spotlight work from the *SL PORN* community. 

This ~Notice SpotLight~ goes to  Midnight Shinja (second time)
This is called: His work in June (I really didn't want to pick just one set so I when back some, and got a few)
Models: Chloe Deimatov, Manon Mirabeau, Kitty Starsmith, Miss Emily, Barbarela Swansen, Annett Dawn, Breanna Presley & Raiyn Sorbet
Flickr page:

Midnight Shinja's photos have REALLY improved and he is currently taking some of the best pictures on SL!! If you have noticed in this blog at the end of each day I print all the notices posted for that day along with the best photo associated to those notices. I don't post movie shots and and try to get all photographers pictures show as best I can.  I am limited to the pictures have been posted that day and sometimes have few photos to choose from. The one thing you will notice is quite a few of Midnight Shinjas photos come up a lot and well deserved (he posts a set of pictures every day).

Chloe Deimatov, June 20th
Manon Mirabeau, June 19th
Kitty Starsmith, June 17th
Miss Emily, June 14th
Barbarela Swansen, June 12th
Annett Dawn, June 10th
Breanna Presley, June 4th
Raiyn Sorbet, June 3rd

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Midnight Shinja

Interview: 097
Name: Midnight Shinja
Country: USA
Second Life Birthdate: August 22, 2006
Experience: couple photo shoots, photographed 60 Shoots
Won't do:  Rough hardcore
Fantasy porn scene: Romantic, dinner, dancing, and sensual love making

Saturday, April 7, 2012

~Notice SpotLight~

We will try to once a week shine a light on a pictorial notice posted in * SL PORN * group!! Spotlight work from the *SL PORN* community.
We have seen may "Artist" (Photographers) in the group and have more then just 1 to showcase this week (Perhaps 1 per day, this week)

This ~Notice SpotLight~ goes to  Midnight Shinja
This is called: Leslie LightWorker

 Passion Midnight Shinja shows in this set of pictures with Leslie LightWorker modeling.

Here are the links to the pics: