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Friday, August 5, 2016


Interview: # 620
Country: UK
Second Life Birthdate: January 13, 2016   
Why Porn: It's sleaziness, I find the forbidden erotic, I was fed up being a good girl, relationships and being a housewife are not for me.  
Sexual Orientation: Bi, you can't operate as a whore in SL otherwise. There are advantages and disadvantages with both genders. Attitude is the main thing that does it for me.  
Won't do: So long as its legal in SL, i'll do it. It's the way i work in the brothel.
A little, I was an extra in one big porn shoot - i just stood around in the background - and another producer who interviewed me offered me a job as a puffer, i think they are called. But i've done a few 'real' shoots a few years ago..
Favorite Sexual Act: 
Being on the end of a train.    
Dominate or Submissive:  Submissive.
Hand Job or Titty Fuck:
and job - i love the feel of a man's hairy balls in my delicate little fingers. The contrast is a turn on.   
Blow Job or Anal Sex: Blowjob   
Would you have sex with a director to get a part:  Yes  
Do I make you Nervous:  No
Fantasy porn scene: Me and another girl dealing with at least 100 guys apiece, cumming on me and cumming in me.