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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Lacey Nora

Interview: # 590
Name:  DawnLillys 
Country: USA 
Second Life Birthdate: August 31, 2015 
Why Porn:  well to be honest, just wandering around SL when I first joined here, going to different parties and what not.  I went to a pornstars party one night and meet some really interesting and nice people there.  I made some friends and talked a little with them over the coming weeks and found out a little bit about the whole "industry" and well it intrigued me to say the least. Little by little I got really excited about perusing something like this and than I finally decided to try and give it a shot and see what happens.  
Sexual Orientation: Well very very BI-sexual with a emphasis on the "BI"
Won't do: hmmmm I don't know really, I guess right now I find it so interesting well fascinating to say the least.   If you really had to push me I would say no scat please! 
Experience: well yes I had the wonderful opportunities to make two movies so far with another (my 3rd) later this week, than a couple of photo shoots in some magazines in SL.  So far I have been very fortunate and lucky to get those chances and I can't "thank" everyone enough for that!
Favorite Sexual Act:  Just one huh, well I would say doggy style.   Nothing like a strong forceful person bending you over and pushing you down, making you raise your hips up to them and holding you there, letting you know they are in charge and they are taking what they want.  Just something so erotic and well just naughty to it, I enjoy it a lot!!.  
Dominate or Submissive:  Very Submissive, but not a fool either.  I enjoy surrendering to the right person but not just anyone, someone who can intrigue and draw me in to you..  
Hand Job or Titty Fuck: Well totally going to be selfish here, I love to have "my girls" played with, so yes a titty fuck : ) 
Blow Job or Anal Sex:  Well I do enjoy both but if I had to pick, a blow job.  Something about sucking a semi-erect cock in your mouth and feeling him grow bigger and bigger, feeling it pulsate and swell so much.  Just turns me on so much to know that I can get a guy that excited in me like that!
Would you have sex with a director to get a part: I mean if we're both adults and everyone is fine with things than why not!.  
Do I make you Nervous: omg really???  YES!!!  I'm a total train wreck for these type of things, I just keep thinking "I hope I dont screw anything up".  So the short answer is still "yes".  
Fantasy porn scene: Well me personally, I have always had this fantasy of being seduced by a older woman.  Maybe someone who is married and I just happen to catch her eye some random day and she pursues me,  Letting me closer and than slowly seducing me as time goes by, becoming her little secret slut.