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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


SL۰Porn Interview: #600                                            Date: 1st March 2016

Name:  Kiara ( kiaraslet.resident ) 
SecondLife Birthdate: 18th January 2016
Country and Timezone: I am from Belgium. ( SLT +9 )

What would be the best times for you to be available for Porn shoots?
I prefer the 'European times' schedules, although I also will have to be available on the 'American times'... It will not be easy for me but to get to the top will never be easy. Like I always say:
"Stop with your dreams, start to realise them today and not tomorrow."
What is your Sexual Orientation in SecondLife?
Bi-sexual. I do prefer men but love to be with women also...
Do you have SecondLife Porn Experience?
No I haven't yet, but this week I will do my first shoots for Beequeen.
What made you decide to become a SecondLife Pornstar?
Because the world of Porn just fascinates me and as I missed the opportunity in rl to do something in the world of Porn. SL offeres it now to me and I want to take it with both hands... My goal is to become a Superstar in SL.
Are you being a Dominant or a Submissive?
I am 100% submissive.
Do you have Sexual Fetishes that you like to do in SecondLife Porn?
I certainly do have some sexual fetishes like hardcore gangbangs when woman's fantasy gets rough, public disgrace, love latex. I do have a preference for blacks.
What won't you do in SecondLife Porn and are your limits?
Yes I do have my limits, not done for me are scat and underage. I'm open to any proposition as long as I get the respect I deserve to have as a woman.
Would you have sex with a Photographer / Director to get into a project?
Mmm, a hard question for me, but I don't think I would do that. Honesty and respect are very important things to me. How can you be respected by other persons if you take the easy way to the top?
Sorry no, I know for myself what I want to achieve here in SL and it will not be the way by opening my legs for everyone to get me into a project.
What are your favorite Sex acts you like to do in SecondLife Porn?
My favorite sex acts are multiple men with me as the centre.
Describe your fantasy SecondLife Porn Scene?
My ultimate SL porn scene would be: Participating in a kinky underground auction where I've to show of my hot ass and begs for cock with my pleading eyes while a room full of horny men battles it out for my submissive services. The stakes get high fast, and one of the frequent patrons has an idea - a shared investment. Soon I'll find myself tied up and in a room full of cocks and this horny slave is ready! I'm begging them to fill my holes and fuck me hard. Throat-fucking, rough sex, double blow jobs, anal DP, female ejaculate and bukkake...