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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Juicy Tequila ™

Interview: # 452
Name: laphreque
Country: USA
Second Life Birthdate: August 03, 2013
Sexual orientation:  Bisexual, preferring men but I love the ladies too! Sexy beasts are fine too :) But no furries. They just make me giggle. Nothing against furries . . lol
Why Porn: I have been here a long time and have tried just about everything . . . . except porn. I have seen the porn industry evolve into something I would like to take part in now.  I didn't join the porn scene just to get some tag over my head that says "Porn Star" . . .lol.  I am here to create art whether in photography or video form and I guess I just happen to be a chick that digs imaginative artistic porn :)
Experience: This would be my first professionally
Won't do: The only things I can think of would be scat, bloodplay, vore and of course, children 
Submissive or Dominate: Submissive to strong men who can compel me in that direction. But I have been known to domme weaker men on occasion . . lolFavorite Sex Act:  Not many I don't like!  I am a bit of an exhibitionist so anything taking place in public I would say
Hand Job or Titty Fuck: Titty fuck
Blow Job or Anal Sex: How about anal while I blow??
Would you have sex with a female director to get a part: Sure why not?  A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right . . lol
Do I make you Nervous: Not at all, do I make you nervous?
Fantasy porn scene: I guess something with multiple partners, deep throating and some anal in public or someplace it shouldn't be taking place