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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Where are the good Animations????

 Why aren't they keeping up???

So I was looking at some pictures watching a few movies and do you know what I really look for???
Some animations that I haven't seen before and isn't physically impossible to do in real life!!!

The problem is that most furniture makers don't make their own animations, they pay around 100k and put basically the same full perm sex engine in that everyone else does!!! There are like 3 or 4 major sex engine providers that copy each other and sell their sex engines to 90% of the furniture makers.

What I'm really talking about is this: Most of us in porn have spent a lot of Lins on making our avis look great!! Most of the furniture makers have switched to mesh made their products copy/mod so we can make adjustments as needed and they offer a wide variety of textures with low prims!! That's all fantastic our movies and photos look better for it, but when it comes to animations it's like they are stuck in 2010!!

We may as well be wearing face lights, have full bright in our flexi hair and wear jewelry and shoes that blink!! How hard it it to give us fluid movements instead of the clunky ones??? Has anyone made new animations in the last year???
Ok to give an example, in 2011 I blogged about how great it was that TNT was coming out with a new bed and a new sex engine TNT EXIMIUS V5.0 SEX ENGINE BED looking at the Market place today it looks like TNT is still using the Eximius V5.0 in there very newest bed TnT Palais Lovers Yours and Mine Mesh Bed Eximius Full Version 5.0 (searched for newest in their MP store). Sure this bed might have a few more poses, but it essentially still using the same poses from 2011 (Version 5.0) just put on a new mesh bed!!

Come on animators, catch up with the times and make some new and more fluid looking animations!!! I try to make movies that "WOW" people but other than how I film, camera angles and set design, you might as will watch a movie from 2010 and those stiff ass animations when it comes to the sex scenes!!!

Reminds me of  Whirligig !! Exciting don't you think?

Now I know this is pissing some animation makers off, others are thinking "she's not talking about mine!! Mine are the best!!" Well PROVE IT!!

I'm not talking about some long winded animations that plays out a 30 minute scene of the entire sex engine! I need normal length animation that the body moves smoothly. You know the trick I do to make your bad animation look smooth is? I speed up the play back of the film, some times twice the speed it was in SL, What that means is instead of filming a 20 second clip I now need to film a 40 second clip, which means I have about 1 hour of film for a 10 minute movie, and my poor actors had to sit extra long.

The animations also need pose balls and adjustments that I the director can access when not sitting on the furniture. I adjust EVERY pose!! Why, because every avi isn't the same it's not one size fits all so no biggie I adjust them to again produce the best movie I can. So if I have to tell the actors how to adjust the pose "A little to the left.... no back to the right.... no now down" it's not worth my time or money to mess with that animation or furniture.

And why are most of the poses all over the bed like gymnasts? Well I can answer that, because most sex engine are a hodgepodge of animations the furniture maker decided would work or not work with their piece of furniture. So when you are laying in the middle of the bed making love your next pose may have you spun around in a different direction way on the other side of the bed!! But again I accept that and that is another reason I adjust EVERY pose!! If I'm lying in the middle of the bed the next pose and the next pose after should be relatively close together, not "pull out" far apart!

HUDs, last thing I need is some complicated animation hud to wear and learn when filming!! Just give me a simple well defined and organized menu. I don't need a menu that poses are named "Sex 1", "Sex 2", "Sex 3", I use about 8 different sex engines and for one shoot normally 4 engines. The ones I use as my go to engines I can remember the menu pretty well. The ones I use about 5 times a year, no I can't remember what pose is what unless the menu is detailed and organized.

Yes I said I use about 8 sex engines and that's not including the piece of furniture that I might use a few poses from too. One thing I have to my advantage as a movie maker for so long is I have lots and lots of sex furniture and if I don't have it, I'm not afraid to spend some Lins to get it!!!
BUT, most all my furniture and sex engines the animation are basically the same as they were 2010!!

Animators PLEASE show us something better, make us say "WOW" like we did when we first came to Second Life!!! Everything else has improved, why haven't the animations???

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More Blog Changes

Party Photographer

It's been over 2 years since Raelin stopped doing Saturday Party photos, and has been over the last 6 months that Erin and I have both been taking Saturday Party Pictures!! Well I concede her pictures are much better than mine and with the consistency she has show along with the number of pictures she takes, there is really no reason for me to take party pictures, I have enough work and other things I would prefer to focus on.

So I have asked her to go ahead and split her pictures over 2 days of blog post!!
Erin has already been a contributor to this blog for most of 2014 diligently doing the daily post along with some of the .

Erin was a Miss Emily's Studios, Golden Cock nominee for best Breast and Best Butt for her work in the movie: Christmas Magic, The Magic of Tits  and winning for Best Breast!!
She is Domino in Legs Wide Spread

Erin is also a Director and Fashion designer!!
Erin made her directorial debut with the movie: BlackMail and is releasing her 2nd movie today!!
Her Blog:
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