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Friday, June 29, 2012

Party Announcement

This weekends porn star party:

1pm to 3pm, Saturday June 30th at Ecstasy Islands Swingers Resort

DJ TT (Teresa Tatham) will be playing the music.  Yours truly will be giving hosting the event a shot.   This is a upscale resort type location with a large dance floor, cuddle areas and a grotto.   As always, nudity and naughtiness is encouraged!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 23rd Porn Stars Party - Part 2

part1, part2

Hosted by Lou (lousl)
DJed by MÖÕηiє (deka.teardrop)
at Semper Sole Insulam (181,182,26)

Sex on the Beach Revisited

Nothing says summer like sun, sex and sand.   You couldn't have found a better place to kick off the summer.  DJ Moonie was spinning and Lovely Lou hosted this smash even at Semper Sole Insulam. It was another event to remember!  Have a look.

Be sure to click the "Read More" or you'll miss out on the rest of the sexy

Monday, June 25, 2012

June 23rd Porn Stars Party - Part 1

part1, part2

Hosted by Lou (lousl)
DJed by MÖÕηiє (deka.teardrop)
at Semper Sole Insulam (181,182,26)

 Sex on the Beach Revisited

Once is never enough.  Saturday's porn stars party had us returning to the site of one of our most epic parties.  The beach at Semper Sole Insulam.  This time the beautiful Lou was kind enough to be our host in this pictureque little hideaway.  That Dirty Little Girl, DJ Moonie kept the beautiful party people a-rockin'.

 Want to see more?  Click "Read More".

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chapter 16, How to be a SL Porn Star


Internet relationships are difficult enough, throw in being a porn star, having sex with others and they are almost impossible. So if you’re just starting in porn and have a relationship brace yourself because it’s going to be a bumpy road. Porn stars are supposed to be some of the hottest on SL so it’s only natural to be attracted to them and be tempted by your fellow actors and actresses.

If you’re a couple, only wanting to work together, then one of you better become a director, because other then group sex couples  often don’t get roles together.

Couples willing to work solo, one of you will get more work than the other, which can lead to animosity, jealousy and competiveness. The more work one gets over the other, the more it will stress the relationship.

If only one of you is going to do porn that can be extremely difficult, especially if one is sitting and waiting for the other to do a 2hour shoot and having no idea what is goings on at a shoot it can mess with ones mind.

The best advice I can give is: if one of you is the jealous type, don’t do porn. If you’re not currently in a relationship, don’t get in one while in porn. 
Second life is suppose to be fun, so have it and don’t tie yourself down to one person.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chapter 15, How to be a SL Porn Star


Directors and photographers don’t know or see everything, or know if you have better quality stuff. They may be taking your picture or putting you in a movie, but their time is limited and usually have more than just you waiting on them. So it’s up to you to make sure you look perfect when you’re on set. Make yourself shine even if the photographer or director doesn't know what they are doing. If you have an add-on pussy make sure it’s showing, if you have a cock make sure it’s hitting the hole.
What you wear in your off camera time is up to you; just don’t forget to put your best stuff on when you’re on set. For example; I have about 20 hairs that I wear, but about 8 of them I wouldn’t wear on camera, mostly because they are long and bushy and hair would be going everywhere and hide any oral sex I was giving. I also wear glasses at my computer (in RL) so, most times off camera you will see my avi wearing glasses, but in front of the camera (unless the scene calls for it) I take my glasses off.
 Most directors wouldn’t know those two things, and unless I make my changes they would film me as I present myself, and it wouldn’t be my best (porn star) look.

Another thing to look for is bad animation, the director doesn’t see everything, but sometimes they compensate with camera angles. Unless you know the director don’t assume they are compensating with angles, if the cock is missing the hole or coming out the other side of the female body, say something to the director. Nothing looks worse than a movie with cocks coming out of the body or missing the hole, and it may be up to you to point it out to the director. I’m not saying tell the director how to direct, but make sure you give them your best and are aware of what is going on and not afk.

The best actors and actresses are prepared and a pleasure to work with.

Oh, I also have read a few "How too's" that said you should become knowledgeable about running bed  animations. That is the directors job, don't be touching those menus unless the director tells you too, let the director pick the poses for their project, the actors don't do that, so don't worry about learning how to operate every bed in SL, it's not your job.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chapter 12, How to be a SL Porn Star

Be assertive
You have to be assertive, but not pushy!!!
Whether you been doing this awhile or just starting, you have to make people know you exist!! Just like Coca-Cola advertises to keep them in the front of you mind, you have to promote yourself or people will think you left or retired!

Don’t go around begging to be cast, but remind people you are still active, or introduce yourself if you're new. It's a fine line between assertive and pushy, if you're to pushy you will make them not want to work with you at all, and it's best if every time you talk to them it's not about working for them, like some kind of stalker.

Also if you are new, relax a little and learn, don’t just show up and act like you are the greatest thing to every happen to porn in SL!! Learn a little before you tell an experienced photographer or director how to shoot.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chapter 9, How to be a SL Porn Star

Chat in group chat

As with any social setting you get out of it what you put in. If you never chat in group no one will know you are there, if you do and make intelligent comments, people will get to know you and will want to involve you.

A few don’ts:
Don’t start out like you know it all when you have never done a photo shoot or a movie, be respectful and learn a little before declaring yourself the king or queen of porn.
Don’t bug the group for roles or whine that you have never been cast. Everyone in the group wants to do porn so 90% are all in the same boat. There are people that have been trying for years to make a name for themselves, don’t expect to do it in a couple months.
Don’t be a troll, just to get noticed!!

Do something intelligent, impressive and people will take note. Never belittle anyone or talk down to them for lack of experience, that is a great way to alienate yourself.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chapter 13, How to be a SL Porn Star

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

Show some loyalty, I don’t mean go exclusive (Chapter 14,Do not go exclusive!), what I mean is don’t bad mouth people that give you work and promote others above them.

Here is an example: I did a photo shoot with a woman, a week later I posted her pictures on our studio blog and sent out notices. Shortly after complements in group chat started rolling in, the woman in the shoot then says to one of the commentor’s, “Thank you P****,.  Hey P*****...Have you seen my other set?”
She then proceeds to post a link to a flickr page owned by another studio and says, “thats from **** Productions, I hope to do much more work with **** Productions”

That was the last time we had her in any of our productions, and hope she is very happy with **** Productions. If someone gives you complements about something just posted NEVER push your other works, especially with another production company.

Also remember the one’s that gave you a start, because without them the whole course you have traveled would be different, and the ones that have given you the most work, because they have perpetuated your career.

As they say the “grass is always greener”, but "loyalty is highly valued."
Again I’m not saying go exclusive, just remember who was there for you and gave you work.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chapter 10, How to be a SL Porn Star

Do your home work & Praise

Watch some movies, look at some pictures, don’t just show up and say “I love sex; I want to be a porn star!”. Learn who the directors and photographers are and know a little about their work. Can’t tell you how many people have showed up in our club when we’re there and realize for the first time we do porn, then suddenly they want to be porn stars without having known there was SL porn before that date.

They think just because they are there at the moment they should be in a movie over someone that has put forth an effort, like cutting to the front of the line instead of going to the end and waiting their turn.

When photographer and directors post notices of their new work, look at it and if you like it give them complement in the group chat the notice was published!! Just like money, everyone likes complements! The more you know about them the more impressed they will be with you, it shows you put forth an effort, instead of the random, stranger saying; “Do you do porn? I want to be a porn star, what kind of porn do you make?”

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chapter 5, How to be a SL Porn Star

Pay a Director

Most directors don’t like being told what to shoot or who to shoot, it’s a hobby not a job. BUT for the right price I’m sure most would shoot anything you want with the cast you want.

If you say to one, “How much to put me in an upcoming film?” would definitely be less expensive than to dictate the script, location and cast.

Just do your research and make sure it’s a legitimate director (that won’t run off with your money) and that makes movies you like! Start with your favorite director first, they always need money for teirs, props, sets and wardrobe!!!

The same will work for pictures; if you really want a photo shoot for the right price most photographers will be happy to accommodate you.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chapter 4, How to be a SL Porn Star

Hook–up with a director

I mean really can’t be much simpler then that!! 

I’m not talking about a onetime hook up or doing it in a manipulative manor, but who better to put you in movies then the one you share a bed with?

I know there are many users out there and ones willing to do anything to climb the ladder to success, that is not what I am condoning!!  Users are never respected, so be sincere and not a user!!

Merely go to parties, flirt a little in chat, and give sincere complements to their work are great ice breakers and may blossom a romance!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012


This is my little speech about “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Let’s make one thing clear PORN IS NOT SEX!! If you want to have lots of sex go to a club and find a hook up!!

There is very seldom any pay in porn, unless there is someone commissioning a style, scene or story. Most make porn because they want to and upload there movies to machinima sites for free. If anything porn cost its photographers and directors to do. Recording software, editing software, poses, animations, wardrobe, rent, sets and props!
Also expect to spend money of your own for quality footwear, genitals, hair, skin and cum layers, everything you need to make a hot pornstar!

Speaking from my experience; Photo shoots take between 1 to 1 ½ hours (once everyone is ready) and a film shoot takes 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours (once everyone is ready). From then on you get on a pose ball and wait instructions until the shoot is over. A good photographer usually is busy picking angles and other adjustment rather than chat with actors and actresses. A director has to clear their screen in order to film, which means they can’t see chat anyway. If a director is chatting with you they are not filming

Your actual acting really only consist of “Stand here”, “Turn this way”, “Sit on this ball please”, “remove your clothing” and “get ready for cum”. Now a male has to keep an eye on his cock position, he needs to tilt it / point it so it’s hitting the hole (same with a woman with a strap-on). So unless you have someone to talk to it can be very boring.

Also, many people want to act in a porn movies on SL, each month there are between 7 & 21 movies uploaded and notices posted in group, they are embedded to this blog and listed  there are around 330 people active in  * SL PORN * group, in order to get them all in films each month each movie cast would have had to take at least 15 people to work in them, obviously that doesn’t happen.
So don’t think just because you have a hot avatar you can just sit and wait, you have to market and promote yourself and this is what this is about.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chapter 2, How to be a SL Porn Star

Have a flattering profile and picture.

A profile picture is so important and a good one that shows you at that, not your house or partner.
Countless times I have seen people post in group chat “I want to be a porn star.” So the first thing I do is look at their profile, if you can’t at least have a picture, then why should anyone want to use you? Most everyone in the group wants to be a porn star!

You are marketing yourself, your look, so you MUST have a profile picture! It’s not that difficult to point the camera at yourself and snap a picture. No one will criticize you for not having a great picture, as long as you make an effort.

Your profile: I know cute sayings are suppose to be cute and everyone wants some personality, but when you post stuff like “I’m a bitch”, “Diva”, “Mean Bastard” to strangers in your profile, why should anyone want to work with you? If that’s not a red flag, I don’t know what is!

Use your profile to promote yourself, post a link to your flickr account, your blog and your last movie, not your attitude and how difficult you are.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Chapter 11, How to be a SL Porn Star

Stick with one look!

You are marketing yourself for directors and photographers to see, you want to be recognizable.
So if they see your profile picture, your flickr account, your movies and they decide that is the look they want, you better show up with that look!!
It’s alright to have a different hair style, in everyday life we change styles several times a day, but don’t change the color, or shape of your avi.
If you’re changing skins you have to recolor your feet, pussy and prim boobs (if you have them). So it’s simpler to not change skins at all.

It’s better to make and market one great look, then several mediocre looks!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chapter 1, How to be a SL Porn Star

Make a hott Avatar

Everyone has different views of beauty, and everyone should be themselves. When someone comes to us for a studio interview all we ask is for them to pick the look they like the best, the look that represents them! But let’s face it we may not like that look at all, but that doesn’t mean another director wouldn’t love it.
So really the most important thing is to look your best and let them decide if that is what they want.

With that said, keep in mind your trying to be a porn star and it’s your job to be desirable and wanted by all. No one wants to see pictures or watch a movie with a bunch of gross avatars in it. Don’t be insulted if everyone wants sex from you, that is the whole idea of being a porn star (looking desirable). If you’re going to be insulted don’t be one. No one says you have to have sex with anyone that wants you!

I had to update a bunch of this from it's original writing in 2012 (before mesh). And want to add; We as porn stars are the trendsetters of fashion and beauty in SL, don't believe me go to a club with "normal" people in it then go to a porn star party!! I have had so many IM me saying they are ready for porn and then change their tune when they come to a porn star party and see what to competition looks like!!

Ok about your avatar:

DON'T BE CHEAP; you either want to do this or you don't!! Looking great isn't free!!
You don't have to a mesh body, but if the ones your competing with for shoots all have mesh bodies and you don't, then you are at a disadvantage!!!

MESH BODIES, Seems there is a new one coming out each week, I'm not going to tell you which to buy from a directors prospective it doesn't matter a lot to me when your naked!! But I do suggest you get one that you can buy cloths for, wardrobe is like gift wrapping in porn!!

MESH HEADS, They are more a preference than a need, as of yet I don't see a need for them.
As a director that looks for quality over Banging, I wish we could animate a face 100 different ways, but with the facial emoters we have now (made in like 2011) 10 is about all the good ones we get for the normal head. As I write this mesh heads have less than that! #1 your mouth has to open for a moan look or a cock in it (everyone should moan). Blank stares of emotionless sex is only ok if your role is a robot. Don't get a head that can't open it's mouth!!

HAIR, you can have the most beautiful hair on SL, and wear it in normal situations all you want. Flexi hair that goes through bodies or body parts is out and just dates your Avi. Mesh hair is best as of now and make sure it doesn't go through your breast and remember you're a porn star so don't cover your breast like a nun

SHAPE, I’m 5’-4” in RL, when I first joined I made my Avatar that height. The problem is most everything in SL, especially sex animations are made for females to be between 6’-0” and 6’-6”, Males (only guessing) 6’-6” to 7’-0”.  You have no control over it, it’s just the way it is. So if you make an avatar shorter or taller then that the director will have to adjust the pose for body parts to match up.
A director can adjust poses if they own the animated furniture, but if they are on location somewhere, using someone else’s furniture they can’t adjust the pose. Also while the director adjust the pose, everyone is waiting. UPDATE Since I first wrote this in 2012 I decreased my height to 6'-2" to 6'-4" depending on foot and viewer, and I now adjust 95% of the poses for perfection, again I can only do this because I own all the animations I use. If your director uses someone else animations they can't adjust the pose.
BREAST, Classic body; if you look at your shape and your breast are over 80, they start getting drastically square corners in them. The part between 80 and 100 is so minimal it not worth the square boobs and no skin can smooth out the corners. I wouldn’t go over 79 for boob size.

Size; the larger the breast the more they get in the way; they can swallow up hands and whole arms. What might look great standing up, can completely ruin animations and poses. With pictures you snap one frame of an animation, in movies you capture the whole cycle of the animation. If someone’s body part disappears in your boob for 1/2 a movie animation it makes it VERY hard to work around and makes you undesirable to work with.

GENITALS: Color them right and position them where they belong.  The viewer, graphic level and wind lighting affect the coloring, do your best to make them match your skin.

Size: Ok guys we know you’re all hung like your avatar in real life, but come on!! Sure we all like big cocks, but when they go from eyes to chin in a blow job pose it just looks stupid, it’s suppose to fit in a mouth not drill a tunnel through a girls head!! Also if it’s punching through the back of her head it doesn’t look good either. Let’s try to be a little bit realistic, it doesn’t have to be the size of your arm!!

SKIN: you can add make-up without changing your skin, but if you change your skin you will need to recolor ALL your add-ons (boobs, genitals & feet)

PHYSICS: can be really nice, but are easier to go terribly wrong!!  You want a nice jiggle, even sway as you get thrust into, not Stretch Armstrong boobs with a mind of their own, that look like they want to wrap around your body when you move. Better to start with low settings and move up then start with wild boobs and try to go down.

Remember as a porn star you want to look your best, as a construction worker is doesn’t matter!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Chapter 8, How to be a SL Porn Star

Join * SL PORN * group

You found the blog, if you haven't joined the group, you should!!
It is the best non bias group that has to do with porn in Second Life, everyone is welcome. No one in the group is silenced or has privileges revoked without warning or explanation of what rules they violated.

Open enrollment, the group is relatively new; it started in January 2012 and has over 450 members, most are very active in Second Life.  Over 40 Directors and 50 photographers in the group
The group will give you information about Casting calls, Photo Shoots, Pictorial Releases, Movie Release, and Parties. Use it along with this blog to stay informed about what is going on is Second Life porn.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Chapter 7, How to be a SL Porn Star

Make a Flickr account

Go to and make an account. The free account you can post up to 200 pictures, which is really all you need because no one is going to look through 200 pictures and if you have more than 200 pictures this at least forces you to clean out the old unwanted ones. If you feel you can’t part with old pictures once you hit 200, pay the $24.95 a year for the unlimited account.

Then put a link to your flickr page on the first page of your SL profile. The reason for this is because anyone serious about having you work (Pose) for them is going to want to see more than your profile picture and not want to do a bunch of hunting to find samples of your work. This is especial good for the ones that are starting out and don’t have a large catalog of movies to show.

You might start out posting pictures you have clicked of your avatar (see chapter3), but eventually (as you get more work) post the ones that are more professionally done.
The basic account is free and just about everyone in SL porn has a flickr page. Plus it’s another networking tool, people add you as a contact and you added them and you each get a little notice when something new happens to each other accounts. Also “favorite” pictures on people’s accounts will help get you noticed because it’s like giving a complement (and everyone likes complements).

You’re in porn, you’re a model or even photographer, you need a popular place to show your accomplishments.