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Thursday, February 13, 2014


Interview: # 405
Name: Freyja Nishi
Country: China, Beijing
Second Life Birthdate: July 07, 2007
Sexual orientation: Bi, but a little bit more interested in male including shemale/futa/herm...
Why Porn:  I came to secondlife to reveal my dark and twisted side .. used to be a text escort for some time and an erotic text roleplayer for 7 years, little bit above average, I think, and found the exhibitionist side of me. Then *just yesterday* I read about the group *SL PORN* and those blogs.. "why not?" then I decided to bounce down and give it a shot~
Experience: No, text escort and erotic roleplay are kinda different area...
Won't do:  Absolutely no child/underage things, otherwise anything can be discussed, including those extreme ones, I've almost tried almost any dark and twisted fantasies in SL.
Favorite Sex Act:  humiliation, rough acts, forced play, exhibitionism... 
Would you have sex with a director to get a part: That easy to get in a movie? *raises her eyebrow* I dont believe! ... ok seriously, I would do it for fun
Fantasy porn scene: Only one is quite hard for a dark and twisted mind like me, maybe the public disgrace/humiliation followed by a happy interracial gangbang ending is great. (as a rare asian in sl, any actor/actress couple with me can be interracial...)