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Monday, November 14, 2016


SL۰Porn Interview: #623                                    Date: 13th November 2016

Name:  Elle (ellensaint.resident) 
SecondLife Birthdate: 9th December 2014
Country and Timezone: USA  ( Eastern Standard - EST / SLT +3 )

Sexual Orientation: I am Bisexual.   I would say I prefer men more, but not by much lol.
Sexual Fetishes: Ummm...  Being forced to do something, rough sex...  Being used for a man or a woman's pleasure, knowing I'm the reason they're feeling good, even though I'm being forced...  That is a fetish I have lol.
SL Porn Experience: I'm a photographer.  I just started taking pics when I first got into SL, so once I started in SL porn, that was how I started taking pics of myself, then eventually other models.  I don't get asked to do much modeling however, so if anyone wants to use me, please let me know!  I am not shy and I am easy to work with! I've done a couple movies myself, as well, but I find I don't have the time required to do many of them, but we'll see.
What made you decide getting into SL Porn: It's just something I could never do in RL lol. I like it in RL, but I couldn't do it, so doing it in SL is a way to live out a RL fantasy for me.  And I love taking pics of nude bodies lol.
Dominant or Submissive: I am more submissive in nature, though there are times when I like to be the one in control
Won't do / Limits: Most of the usual things: scat, snuff, kids... Not into BDSM really.  Mutilation or violence I'm not into.  Being rough is okay, but not into the violent, hurting stuff.
Favorite Sex acts: oh my, too many to choose! haha...  I like missionary and doggy most as far as sex goes.  Going down on a man or a woman are both
very pleasing to me.  I guess I am old fashioned lol.
Would you have sex with a director to get into movies: Haha, ummm...  If the director was cute and I was attracted to them (not unlike yourself hehhe), then yes, I most definitely would.
Fantasy SL Porn Scene: An orgy scene!  Well, one that I don't have to shoot, just participate in (smiles).  I've shot a couple and they are nerve wracking! lol. So, if I could participate in an orgy scene, that would be my fantasy scene. I love the idea of a bunch of people in the same room all making love to one another. :)