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Saturday, August 9, 2014


Interview: # 484
Name: CynthiaPlasterCaster1
Country: The United States
Second Life Birthdate: August 03, 2014
Why Porn: Well I am an exhibitionist at heart, I love being watched and if I feel It turns people on its a huge rush for me.
Sexual Orientation:I am bisexual. actually I prefer women to men but I love both.
Won't do:  No beastiality, No scat, and I am not into work that features the degradation of women, other than that I am pretty open. I tend to be sexually adventurous. 
Experience: Well a couple of photo shoots.  So far no video
Submissive or Dominate: I think if I had to choose one It would be dominant.
Favorite Sex Act:  I love seducing other women.  Especially those who are curious and have never had any actual experience with other women.
Hand Job or Titty Fuck: Hand job. definitely. its the domme in me speaking but one has so much more control
Blow Job or Anal Sex:  Blow job, same reason.
Would you have sex with a director to get a part: Possibly. Alto depends on the person
Do I make you Nervous: Not at all hon.  I find your demeanor very relaxing :-)  Do I make you nervous?  LOL
Fantasy porn scene: Well I did mention I have not yet worked with another woman in the industry. If we are talking about working with men a threesome maybe, double penetration is something I have not yet tried.