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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ceilidh Arbenlow

SL۰Porn Interview: #606                                           Date: 12th March 2016

Name:  Ceilidh Arbenlow 
SecondLife Birthdate: 9th December 2008
Country and Timezone: United States ( SLT +0 )

What would be the best times for you to be available for Porn shoots?
Usually evenings, like 9 or 10 PM until about 1 AM or so. I can do some earlier times on the weekends, but it's hard to predict exactly when.
What is your Sexual Orientation in SecondLife?
I was completely straight until a few years ago, though I would do girl-girl if a guy asked for it. That's changed pretty dramatically in the last few years, and now I get equally excited by anyone regardless of their gender. Mind and passion are way more important to me than plumbing now. I guess that would be "bi." :)
Do you have SecondLife Porn Experience?
I do. I've starred in a few erotic videos and done lots of photo sessions … I've been told I'm a pretty good photographer, too. I was even the inspiration for some very sexy 3D scene renderings done by a very talented friend, that was very flattering and I still cherish those images. There are some super creative people out there. :)
What made you decide to become a SecondLife Pornstar?
Hm, well, I started doing porn because I love to give others their fantasies, but I'm here talking to you today because my partner Arienne sent me. I'm hoping we can do some scenes together, or at least be on set to be her fluffer … I've gotten good reviews for keeping things … um … warmed up. I'm such a helper.
Are you being a Dominant or a Submissive?
I'm very submissive, though by no means a doormat. I have a very difficult time trying to tell anyone else what to do, giving pleasure is what gives me pleasure.
Do you have Sexual Fetishes that you like to do in SecondLife Porn?
Wow, you know, I'd love to do anything that really gets to someone. I love how specific people can be about their fetishes, from exactly the right color and cut of my hair, to just the right shape and shine of my shoes. I love things with an edge of risk to them, like (almost) getting caught, them moment you admit to (really!) enjoying something that you're really not supposed to like, and taboos around roles with unequal power or behavior that polite society would disapprove of. Kneeling under the altar just barely out of sight to give the priest a blowjob while he performs a wedding, watching him struggle to keep a straight face when he finishes all over my face at the moment he pronounces the lucky couple married, and the sudden rush of embarrassment when you realize that you have to get out of there somehow … you know, just the sort of thing any red-blooded girl would like. :) I am seriously all about giving others their fetishes and fantasies, if they love it, I love it, it almost doesn't matter exactly what it is as long as I'm getting it exactly right for someone. That does get me seriously, seriously excited. :)
What won't you do in SecondLife Porn and are your limits?
The only thing I won't do is regret. I want to try everything, I want to be the perfect fantasy. You can't do that if you're looking over your shoulder. Obviously the TOS is out of bounds, but you already know that :)
Would you have sex with a Photographer / Director to get into a project?
If it's the director's fantasy, absolutely! I'd like to think that sharing that secret would improve the results, and we'd be making better porn for the audience to enjoy.
What are your favorite Sex acts you like to do in SecondLife Porn?
My very favorite thing is to fulfill the fetish of my playmate, no matter what that means. The more unusual and specific, the better. But if I had to pick one act, I suppose it would have to be sucking cock. There's just something so intimate about having a man get hard in my mouth and using my mouth and hands to … well, you get the picture.
What would be your fantasy SecondLife Porn Scene you like to do?
Anything with my partner would be wonderful. I love contrast, so maybe something with a lot of guys doing really horrible things to us while we hold hands or kiss sweetly … something like that would be amazing. Both of us have a thing for groups. *grins*