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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

March's Princess of Porn

Candy Kane
Our 6th Princess of Porn!!!
She is now a finalist in the King & Queen of Porn Pageant
Photos by: Racheal Rexen

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Congratulations to March's Prince & Princess of Porn

The March Tournament Ended Febuary 28th at 4pm SLT

Candy Kane was crown March's Princess

Ƈσɗу ( Aethmorot ) was crown March's Prince

The Prince & Princess have each received:

  • 50% of the money spent on casting votes for them back
  • Group tags "Prince of Porn" or "Princess of Porn"
And will receive:

  • A 10 to 14 photo solo pictorial shot by Partee or Rachel
    • Posted in  this blog
  • A 10 to 14 photo hardcore pictorial together shot by Miss Emily
    • Posted in this blog
  • Finalist in the King & Queen of Porn Pageant
  • A place in the King & Queen of Porn calendar for 2018

April's Tournament has started, there is still plenty of time to enter, anyone could still win!!
To enter send a square, full perm photo with your name on it to MissEmilysAccountant and she will add you to the tournament. We especially need men (only have 3)!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The new secretary....

Lexi got a new secretary today named Candy......

Candy had heard the rumors about the boss and how she liked to "break in" the new girls......

It wasn't long before Lexi had her desk cleared and ready to get down to business.......

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Interview: # 533
Name: candygurlx  
Country:  UK
Second Life Birthdate: February 12, 2013
Why Porn: I wanted to be involved in a community that had fun. And the idea of being filmed,photographed and watched appealed to my exhibitionist nature..oh..and the sex of course ;)
Sexual Orientation: Bi. Very Bi..if that is possible 
Won't do:   I won't do anything 'extreme' . The usual stuff, kids and extreme pain. Apart from that "I'll try anything at least once" :) 
Experience: Very minimal. I did one shoot, one picture. But I learn fast and, as a sub , I'm used to following direction :)
Favorite Sex Act: Group. Especially in a threesome with a guy and girl where we share sucking his cock.
Dominate or Submissive:  I'm submissive. It feels right for me and excites me. I like to please 
Hand Job or Titty Fuck: Hand question hehe
Blow Job or Anal Sex: I would have to say blow jobs. I like the taste ! But I love anal too
Would you have sex with a director to get a part:  I would tend to say yes. If I thought I could trust him and I knew he wasn't just playing me along.  I've heard that some scumbags pretend to be Directors but just want an excuse to fuck you..although I'm sure that never happens lol
Do I make you Nervous: A little. I know you are important in this scene and I don't want to disappoint either you or myself. If that makes sense
Fantasy porn scene:  Sorry to repeat myself but the threesome I mentioned earlier really appeals to me. Although licking your ass and pussy comes a pretty close second at the moment ;)