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Saturday, August 3, 2013


SL-Porn Interview: #314
Interview Date: 3 August 2013

Name: Ashley ( amosa.sugarplum ) 
SecondLife Birthdate: 16 January 2010
Country: USA  ( EST/EDT - SLT +3 )
Sexual orientation: I am bisexual. Something I have very much explored in SL and I have to say I enjoy the freedom to be adventurous with my sexuality. Hehe..
Experience: I first started in SL Porn with a company named Heet. Unfortunately it no longer exists as the Director went on to other things but I gained a small family while I was there. It was fun and an interesting introduction into the field. But I'm certainly anxious to continue the career now.
Won't do: To be honest I do not have many limits for most SL porn from what I have experienced. Some of the more extreme things like beastiality and water sports are not something I'm very keen on. However, I have yet to be asked to do anything that crazy. *smiles*
Would you have sex with a director: If the Director is cute.. Why not!! *grins wickedly*
Fantasy porn scene: Dating your typical Bad Boy rough type .. he bargains with his friends to let them have their way with me. He talks me into coming with him to a party not telling me what he has in mind. When we get there he basically throws me in the middle of 4 or 5 of his buddies and grins saying.. "she's yours" ..I'm in shock .. helpless.. hands are all over me.. soon I'm being ravaged by 5 hard cocks until my senses are spinning. Hearing them laughing as I start orgasming over and over.. until I'm a trembling heap in the floor in the middle of them as they all begin cumming on me..