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Friday, March 11, 2016

Alexis Futanari

Interview: # 605 
Name:  A
Country: USA  
Second Life Birthdate: August 28, 2014   
Why Porn: 
I love sex... everyone says that right? i like to show off ...exhibitionist, and a Futanari is a Japanese porn cartoon character... it just seems fun and i don't think anyone has really done a Futanari in porn here.... that i have seen. Herm, yes but not Futanari... i'm probably wrong? Oh and i love your movies and the others i seen!
Sexual Orientation:
Poly...just not so much into the animals.
Won't do: 
  Anything against TOS, and no poo on me... if you want it on you ..i'm okay with it...doesn't smell here.
I have done 3 shoots with 3 wonderful women and some solo... all on my flickr.
Favorite Sexual Act:  
a girl riding my shecock and a guy or shemale in my pussy.
Dominate or Submissive: 
3/4 dominate... 1/4 subby.
Hand Job or Titty Fuck: 
neither... both are boring and just an alternative to oral and penetrative sex. 
Blow Job or Anal Sex: 
Both... at the same time even!
Would you have sex with a director to get a part: 
sure if you wanta!!!! You mean in general? Sure if i really get a part... no fake directors!!!!
Do I make you Nervous: 
sorry i babble when nervous!! I mean youre the queen. I know you can make movie stars and i don't want to screw up and sound stupid to you or who ever reads this.
Fantasy porn scene:  Okay i know this one. Like X-men... I'm a normal girl and when my mutant part comes in, Im shocked the first time my clit grows into a shecock when i get aroused... and not into a normal size cock but huge down to my knee size. I'm always wearing these short skirts with no panties and when I get aroused everyone can see it and are mesmerized by it.... can't take there eyes off it and must have it in them... will do anything i ask of them....women and men. that would be so hot!!!!