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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Changes Coming to the 2018 Awards

Well we knew we couldn't foresee all the difficulties that would come in the 2017 * SL PORN * GROUP MOVIE AWARDS, yes it was the 6th annual but it was the first time ALL the movies posted in * SL PORN  * group notices were eligible (156 movies).

Kat and I talked about having two votes, 1 to make the nominee list and 1 to pick the winners from that list. I will admit that is a noble idea but not very practical since both votes would need to be completed in January. You see it takes me several days to tally the votes and to put together the blog post to celebrate the nominees. I felt like I was running a week behind the whole 18 days of February leading up to the awards. In addition to that even with most of January to vote, of the 27 directors only 11 returned their ballots. Making them vote twice would of only lessen that number.

So what popped in my head while writing my opening for the awards was to limit the number of movies each director would make eligible for nomination. No this isn't a Republican way to stymie Democratic voters.

To give an example Isabelle Cheviot had 30 movies eligible, which I find great that she did that many, but if you love her work and want to vote for one of her movies which one of the 30 do you vote for?? Keep in mind in this years voting a movie or person had to get at least 2 votes to be nominated!! If all 11 directors that voted wanted to give her 1 vote the odds aren't good they would pick the same movie. So yes she could get 11 votes but if they are all on different movies it would do her no good. Kinda like winning the Popular Vote but not the Electoral Collage.

So what we're going to do is starting December 17th is ask all the directors with movies eligible, which means put on the Movie page and made in 2017, to make a list of 3 movies they think represents their best work, for the other directors to vote on.  Yes movies will still be eligible if they are uploaded and notice post on December 31st we will ask for that list on January 2nd, but many of the directors will not make a movie in that last 2 weeks of the year so they will be able to make their list early, probably only a handful of directors will make a movie in the last week anyway.

We'll take those directors list and as quick as we can get the ballots out for voting. So really if your a director that doesn't want to vote it would still be a good idea to get your 3 best movies submitted for judging.

Back to my example, so that way Isa would have 3 movies submitted and not 30, the 11 votes the nice directors would give her would land on those 3 movies however they saw fit and perhaps give her enough points to win!!!
Yes Isa's movies got a lot of votes, they were just all over the place, where as a director with 3 or less movies had a more focused place to recieve votes.

I picked 3 movies in part because of us having the 3 length categories, Short form, Medium form and Long form, for favorite director and favorite movie. That doesn't mean a director has to pick one movie that fits each category, it just means they have it as an option. The goal is to get the number of eligible movies down from 156 to about 50  and to get more focused voting.

Overall the 2017 * SL PORN * GROUP MOVIE AWARDS  went well with only one wardrobe malfunction and the region owner telling me I could only have 25 avis on my parcel during my opening speech, talk about perfect timing!!!

One thing I hope the awards did was to inspire everyone to make better and better movies!!!  So lets get some movies made for the 2018 * SL PORN * Group Movie Awards!!!!
And remember to be eligible the director of the movie has to post a notice in the * SL PORN * group so it can be documented. Posting a link in group chat doesn't count it needs to be a notice so it can be documented here in the daily Notice Post.