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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

~Notice SpotLight~

It's been a while

About once every 2 week I'll shine a light on a pictorial notices posted in * SL PORN * group!! Spotlight work from the *SL PORN* community. 

This ~Notice SpotLight~ goes to  ღCandyღ (Kittyinda Henhouse)
This is called: Her work in August (I really didn't want to pick just one set so I when back some, and got a few)
Models: ღCandyღ & Hunter
Flickr page:

ღCandyღ's photos have REALLY improved and he is currently taking some of the best pictures on SL!! If you have noticed in this blog at the end of each day I print all the notices posted for that day along with the best photo associated to those notices. I don't post movie shots and and try to get all photographers pictures show as best I can.  I am limited to the pictures have been posted that day and sometimes have few photos to choose from. The one thing you will notice is quite a few of  ღCandyღ photos come up a lot and well deserved.

Candy & Hunter, August 28th
Candy, August 27th
Candy, August 19th

Candy, August 9th