The 6th Annual, * SL PORN * Group Movie Awards

1:00 PM SLT February 18th, 2017
In 2017 the Awards will include/invite ALL MOVIES that had notices put in * SL PORN * Group by their Director!!

I have teamed up with Katina in producing these awards for several reasons.
She probably watches and reviews more movies that anyone in Second Life and her reviews are seldom negative but rather interesting and thought out with links to whatever tangent she is on. Her reviews make me want to watch the movies if I haddn't already, they are sometimes more entertaining than the movie it's self. Also she has some great ideas and most directors like and respect her knowing she will be as fair with them as she is when she reviews there movies.

More information will come, we are going to make more categories and think up some rules to make sure these awards can be as fair as possible. Directors will be sent ballots hopefully January 1st 2017 and be given a dead line to have them returned. We know all directors won't follow through and some may have left SL by then, but we will go on without them, they only hurt themselves by not returning their ballot by the deadline.

No need to contact Kat or myself with questions at this time, I'll post more information as we get deeper in the year, this is just to notify everyone that the awards are expanding and if directors want to have their movies eligible they have to be made and a notice posted in group, by the director, by Midnight on December 31st 2016.


If you have posted a notice in * SL PORN * Group and it was over looked in the notice post please let us know within 2 weeks of that notice so we can verify it.

If I miss re-posting your movie on this blog using the information for the notice post please let me know (allow me 1 week after it appeared in the notice post, sometimes we have several movie posted in 1 day but I like to only re-post 1 per day)

If your movie was re-posted on this blog but doesn't appear on the list below please let me know (allow me a week after it was re-posted, I usually only update this list once a week and usually that is Monday)

Only movies listed here for 2016 will be eligible for the (slideshows excluded) starting with S.E.X. . So if you are an actress or actor and your director does not post notices in this group tell them to, it's the only way your movie will become eligible. It must be a notice and not a link in group chat, so we have documented proof.

Newest First 


The Rub - Dillon Lecker (3:39)
Free Tan - MissEmily23 (7:30)
Cardinal Pleasures - Brea Brianna (38:22)
Her Revenge. S3E6  - Carleen Morrisey (5:03)
GloryHole - Dackster (4:02)
Maid For Pleasure - Artful Zane (7:42)
The Springtime Soiree - Artful Zane (7:26)
The Humiliatrix - Curt Dovgal (19:06)
Crossed Wire - Curt Dovgal (12:26)
Meshehd, Intergalactic SLUTS S2E8 - MissEmily23 (22:00)
Backlane Dudes 3 -  Dillon Lecker (10:28)
Rosse Buurt -
Confessions of a Callgirl 3 - Brea Brianna (8:14)
Turnabout is Fair Play Part 1  - Curt Dovgal (6:00) 
You Must Be Mistaken - Curt Dovgal (7:57)
That My Dog  - Jhownn Warcliffe (0:53)
Sin of a Fox  - Curt Dovgal (7:10)
The Fucktoy  - Curt Dovgal (7:04)
Happy Ending  - Curt Dovgal (6:34)
The Job Interview   - Curt Dovgal (4:21)
Beach Bangin.  - Artfull Zane (7:34)  
Jamaica Me Cum - Artfull Zane (22:58)
Beach BDSM - Curt Dovgal (7:00)
Rough Ride  - Maximlong (19:29) 
Backlane Dudes on Tour - Dillon Lecker (8:18)
Rough Ride Teaser  - Maximlong (1:17)
Wheels & Whores   - Dillon Lecker (5:03)
A night at the Diner  - Carly Mode (4:14)
Busted! - Isabelle Cheviot (12:44)
That Night Over There - Carly Mode (8:28)
Got Money?  - Brea Brianna (3:54) 
Backlane Dudes - Dillon Lecker (4:25) 
Country Service - Cream Release (8:26) **Cream was not the Director or Producer
The Diner  - Dillon Lecker (7:50) 
EMP 2016 Year End Video Mish Mash  -Erinyes Celestalis (14:54) 


The Naughty List - Ryu Quasimodo (13:09)
The Business Of Women - Episode 6: The Showdown - Zoey Winsmore (15:40)
The Snow - Carly Mode (3:22)
The Librarian - Isabelle Cheviot (10:23)
The Back Alley - Maximlong (11:01)
Burlesque - Beequeen Smythe (2:39)
Strict Boss - Erin Cedarbridge (13:33)
Confessions of a CallGirl2 - Brea Brianna (11:15)
Personal Trainer - Jhownn Warcliffe (5:51)
Circus - Dillon Lecker (7:33)
The Hitchhiker - Larry Vinaver (6:50) **Larry is not the Director or Producer
Christmas Tree - Carly Mode (3:53) 
BAD Santa Clause - MissEmily23 (9:45) 
Do it in the shower - Jhownn Warcliffe (3:16)
RECORDING GF - Jhownn Warcliffe (1:52)
Finding the Princess, Intergalactic SLUTS S2E7 - MissEmily23 (22:00)
Apple Bottom Dackster (4:02)
EL Tango - Dillon Lecker (5:37)
Beach Bang - Maximlong (8:20)
Erin's Playmates ~ Nakuru Bergamasco -Erinyes Celestalis (10:52)
Burlesque Passion - Cybercat Bekkers
Sex With Her - Dillon Lecker (3:36)
The Business Of Women #5: The Struggle!!! - Zoey Winsmore (18:10)
Casting Punky - Moonie & Ryu Quasimodo (7:49)
A Taste of Dorable - Isabelle Cheviot (9:24)
Hollow Night - Carly Mode (7:17)  
Dancing on the Moon - Isabelle Cheviot (19:09)
Halloween, JASON FUCKING ANILORAC -  Jhownn Warcliffe (1:40)
Whoreoween - Reacheal Rexen (7:54)
Let's Have Some Fun - Marika Blaisdale (9:38)
Cum Home Lover! - Erin Cedarbridge (12:10)
Ghostbusters - Dillon Lecker (6:34)
The Real Ghost Hunters - MissEmily23 (40:00)
Steampunk Deviance - Beequeen Smythe (6:39)
Pool Surprise - Moonie & Ryu Quasimodo (15:48)
Bonnie & Clyde - Dillon Lecker (6:42)
Fuck!Marry!Kill! - Erin Cedarbridge (11:43)
She love The Spotlight - Carly Mode (4:37)
Nekoism, Intergalactic SLUTS S2E6 - MissEmily23 (22:00)
Leanna Takes A Hot BathDackster (4:09)
Pony - Camron Mcmahon (9:52)
The Summer 4 - Dillon Lecker (4:52)
Playtime - Brea Brianna (3:47)
Sex Therapy  - Kane Daffyd (6:11)
Ginger Masturbates - Ginger Haedong (0:56)
Confessions of a CallGirl - Brea Brianna (6:52)
Head Cheerleader - Isabelle Cheviot (27:42)
Locker Room Adventure - Kane Daffyd (3:44)
Audition 2016/005 (starring Melissa Barnes) - Kane Daffyd (1:29)
Club B'erodism - Ravaredfield (34:44)
Fuck Truck - Episode 1 - Kane Daffyd (4:51)
Farm Fresh - Reacheal Rexen (10:39)
Through the Lens - Alexandria Topaz (9:01)
Mera Firelyte Kitty Club, Intergalactic SLUTS S2E5... -MissEmily23 (22:00) 
Sinception - Marika Blaisdale (8:41)
A Taste of Sofia - Isabelle Cheviot (9:30)
Persuade, Intergalactic SLUTS S2E4 -MissEmily23 (22:00) 
Wild Card  - Carly Mode (3:34)
Girlfriends 3 - Isabelle Cheviot (12:05)
Massive Tits for Hard Girldicks - Maggie Bluxome (8:37)
Sasha's Secret: The Beginning - Sensualsasha (36:14)
Bond - -02 - Dillon Lecker (7:58)
Cheating - Isabelle Cheviot(21:21)
THE SUMMER- part 3 - Carly Mode (4:12)
The Summer2 - Dillon Lecker (4:39)
Larry & Kayla - The Porn Movie - Larry Vinaver (26:31) **Larry is not the Director or Producer
The Summer - Carly Mode (4:58)
Shipwrecked - Beequeen Smythe (6:25)
The Mechanic Girl. -Giselehendrix (9:48)
Escape, Intergalactic SLUTS S2E3 -MissEmily23 (22:00)
Surfer Girls Get Pounded -Morph Wyx (4:09)
Erin's Playmates ~ Don Roodborst -Erinyes Celestalis (9:40)
Erin's Playmates ~ Jagger Draconis  -Erinyes Celestalis (10:44)
Amber Madison gets naughty with older pornstar Lar...  -Larry Vinaver (5:06) **Larry is not the Director or Producer
Empire -Isabelle Cheviot(1:40:37)
Leaked Videos!  - Moonie & Ryu Quasimodo (7:51)
Sheschlong, Intergalactic Sluts S2E2 -MissEmily23 (22:00) 
Raunch  -Isabelle Cheviot(29:00)
Captain Miggins, Intergalactic SLUTS (S2E1)  -MissEmily23 (22:00)
Croupier   -Morph Wyx (5:02)
The Women of Fire Valley  -Dillon Lecker (8:20)
Alexa In Wonderland - Alexandria Topaz (17:32)
Erin's Interoffice Cummunications - Erinyes Celestalis (20:53)
The Beach 3 -Dillon Lecker (3:59)
Digital Fantasies- Voyeurs -Marcus Perry(24:32)  
Good Neighbor -Isabelle Cheviot(11:49)
Laundry Worker On Duty - Morph Wyx (4:04)
Taste of Isa - Reacheal Rexen (8:51)
The Business Of Women: Episode #4!!! -Zoey Winsmore (19:15)
Teen Slut Training -Morph Wyx (2:46)
Daydream -Isabelle Cheviot(9:01)
A Taste of Candy Kane -Isabelle Cheviot(11:04)
After Hours -Dillon Lecker (4:29) 
A Taste of Sasha -Isabelle Cheviot(8:47)
Spacestation 69 - Beequeen Smythe (6:08)
Girls love Boys... In Motion Series Episode 6 - Marika Blaisdale (7:45)
Girls love Boys in Motion Episode 5 - Marika Blaisdale (6:05)
Girls Love Boys in Motion Series Episode 4  -Marika Blaisdale (6:40)
The LightHouse  -Morph Wyx (5:07)
Girls love Boys in Motion Ep. 3  -Marika Blaisdale (8:44)
A Taste of Sunday  -Isabelle Cheviot(13:24)
Girls Love Boys in Motion Series Episode 2  -Marika Blaisdale (6:29)
Isa's Bedtime Stories- Extra Credit  -Isabelle Cheviot(10:52)
Under The Sea -Carly mode (5:04)
The Beach 2 -Dillon Lecker (3:44)
Celes Ass Got Rammed -Morph Wyx (2:59)
The Jungle -Dillon Lecker (5:00)
Wet Holiday -Racheal Rexen (9:15) 
Caribbean Queen -Isabelle Cheviot (8:41)
Bunny Style -Carly Mode (4:11)
The Sink - Carly Mode (3:30)
Girls Love Boys in Motion Series Episode 1  -Marika Blaisdale (4:05)
Virtual Whore -Morph Wyx (3:12)
Subjugation -Marika Blaisdale (6:10)
Education - We don't need no! -Thorgal Mcgillivary (4:06) Old Not Eligible
Ma Benz - Dillion Lecker (5:01)
Luv Me Some Caramel - Jenstarveling (10:12)
A Taste of NP - Isabelle Cheviot(13:43)
Car-Park - Beequeen Smythe (1:36) Slideshow
Mistik Online  - Beequeen Smythe (4:53)
The Beach  -DillonLecker (4:32)
Erin's Playmates ~ Sil - Erinyes Celestalis (4:59)
Breakfast at Carly's -Carly Mode (3:43)
Sword Swallowing - Volume 4 -Isabelle Cheviot (19:19)
Working Girls -Racheal Rexen (8:18)
Young&Hungry -Morph Wyx (3:08)
Erin's Playmates ~ Larry Viniver -Erinyes Celestalis (1:51)
Erin's Playmates Ryu Quasimodo -Erinyes Celestalis (1:22)
The Second Life Porn*Star Awards Venue -MissEmily23 (4:00)
Bond - 0010110 -Dillon Lecker (5:33)
Sweet Latex Loving Valentine -Beequeen Smythe (Private)
Take me to Church -Thorgal McGillivary (4:42)
hawt evening -Beequeen Smythe (5:54)
Isa's Bedtime Stories - Requiem -Isabelle Cheviot (17:27)
The Girly Way & The Manly Way -Dillon Lecker (5:18 ) -Carly Mode (4:27)
Isa's Bedtime Story - Uninvited Guest -Isabelle Cheviot (8:54)
"Show Me Up" - Episode 2 -Kane Daffyd (2:52)
Maximum SEX-u-rity part3 -Carly Mode(4:25)
Isa's Bedtime Stories - Makin' Hay -Isabelle Cheviot (15:15)
"Show Me Up" Episode 1 -Kane Daffyd(1:54)
The Assistant -Dillon Lecker (5:43)
Dirty Bish -Racheal Rexen (6:59)
trouble in edo -Beequeen Smythe (3:31) Slideshow
A Taste of Chloe  -Isabelle Cheviot (11:51) 
Stripper Files Ep. 1 -Kane Daffyd (4:33) 
Isa's Bedtime Stories - College Entry  -Isabelle Cheviot (12:52) 
A Taste of Terri  -Isabelle Cheviot (11:31) 
Isa's Bedtime Stories - Retail Revenge  -Isabelle Cheviot (11:37) 
Dirty Girl -Thorgal McGillivary 
Like Father, Like Son -Isabelle Cheviot (10:25) 
Drunken love -Carly Mode(6:18) 
Coffee Break -Racheal Rexen (3:31) 
Girlfriends 2 -Isabelle Cheviot (11:40) 
Crepuscule -Dillon Lecker (5:09) 
A Taste of Brunella  -Isabelle Cheviot (10:12)
Black Magic - Episode 5  -Isabelle Cheviot (11:51) 
Nice 'n Naughty - The Sex Party!!! -Zoey Winsmore (7:30) 
Empire - Episode 3 -Isabelle Cheviot 
Isa's Bedtime Stories - Caught Spying -Isabelle Cheviot (13:48) 
 S.E.X.  -Dillon Lecker (4:53)


Christmas with Carly
The Stepford Sluts: The Motion Picture
Finale, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E10)
Bad Elf!
Empire - Episode Two
Digital Fantasies
Sexual Rain
Pool Boy
Rockpornstar Compilation
Empire - Episode One
The Affair
A Taste of Ali
The Stepford Sluts Part 4
Her After School Special-EXTRAS
Betrayed, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E9)
A Taste of Brea
Office Politics
Moulin Rouge
A Taste of Faith
The Stepford Sluts Part 3
Model Girlfriend
Black Magic - Episode 4
Heads will Roll, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E8)
Apple Bottoms
Working Out - Volume 5
Cocky Balboa
Where the Horizon widens
Witches of Dickwick
Get Wet
Fucking The Pizza Boy
Reunited, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E7)
The Stepford Sluts Part 2
The Business Of Women: Episode #3
Taboo - Volume 4
Maximum Sex-u-rity Part 2
How to treat my boobies!
Independence Day
A Piano Lesson
Black Magic - Episode 3
Resurrection, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E6)
Maximum Sex-u-rity
The Showgirls
The Stepford Sluts Part 1 of 4
Missing Him
Business Of Women, Part 2
Taboo - Volume 2
The Mile High Club
Dirty Laundry
Interrogation, Intergalactic SLUTS S1E5
The Mechanic
A Taste of Candy
Deep Penetration
Her Own Private Party
A Taste of Brandi
Slavers, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E4)
Lap Dance With a Porn Star
The Black Boots
The Business Of Women: Episode 1!!!
Onyx Blaze
Black Men Can't Swim, But they have BBC
The Lifeguard
A Taste of Umrmeli
Keplerians, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E3)
A Taste of Katina
A Night in Paris
Ride It
Pulp Fixion
Smack My Dick Up
Sex, drugs, and rock n roll!
The Call
Carjacking Strippers
Bios, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E2)
A Taste of Rachel
The Workout Part 2
The Workout Part 1
Workin' at the Car Wash
Candy Purgatory
Fatal Attraction
AleXo's innocent young girls 2
AleXo's innocent young girls 1
Sixty Seconds With...Ep 7
Black Magic - Episode 2
Perfect Dicktation
Izzy's Bad Day - Part 3: The Final Chapter
Abu Daddy
Awakening, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E1)
Librarian Romp
The Motel
60 seconds with... Ep. 6
Easy Rider
Devious Housewives
Trick Shot
PornStyle Workout
Abduction Fucking
The Fuck Challenge V
Intergalactic SLUTS (intro)
Big Trouble in Tight Ass
The Laundromat
La Dolce Vita
I Can Fuck You Better
Shower Sex
Ghost Town
Improper Accounting
Charlie's Hookers
Birthday Surprise
Steak and BJ Day!
Vibrator Boyfriend
Booty and the Beast
"Public Outrage" Episode 2
Booty Paint
The Rocky Porno Movie Show...
Legs Wide Spread Chapter 3.5
The Fuck Challenge IV
If Girls Picked Up Guys!
Lesbian Foot Fetish: The Study!!!
Massage Therapy
Party @ Cuntonio's
Fallen Angel
The Fuck Challenge III
The Fuck Challenge
Redlight District 3
Cuntonio's Auditions #2
The Landlord
Afternoon service
Saloon Girl
Fuck My Wife Please! Episode 1
Space Whores
Cuntonio's auditions
Redlight District 2
Bump & Grind
The naughty Maid
Black Pole
Crystals Facets
Quinn's Talent for Gangbangs
Redlight District
"Public Outrage" Episode 1
Legs Wide Spread Chapter 2.5
Samara Thorne (Tryout footage)
Bitch Party
BIG ASSES for AleXo Vol3
Dirty Locker room
AleXo Basement — Litani Istmal
Legs Wide Spread Chapter 1.5
"Lucky"Lula Takes it Deep.
Porn Star Academy
Education - we dont need no!
The Gym


Santa Picks Up a Stripper! Part 2
Santa Picks Up a Stripper! Part 1
Alina Loves Cum
The Hot Nurse
Legs Wide Spread, The Motion Picture
Porn Cinema
Dear Santa Claus
Legs Wide Spread, Trailer
Fuck Dat Tempah
Legs Wide Spread, Chapter 4
$ubdual this $poiled Bitch ChantalSummers
AleXo - BIG ASSES for AleXo Vol.2
AleXo - BIG ASSES for AleXo Vol.1
Bang Bros
AleXo Home Party
Mutual Pleasure
Black Friday 3
Naughty Country Girls #1!!!
Girls Watch Porn!
Rainy Day
Legs Wide Spread, Chapter 3
Legs Wide Spread, Chapter 2
Legs Wide Spread, Chapter 1


SUCCUBUS, The Motion Picture
Sky Pirates



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