Friday, February 28, 2014

The Sexiest® Movie Actress.

These are the nominees 


Ayara -PĪИҚ- Sparta-Illios - Breaking In The New Bed.
Bacardi Lexenstar - The Abduction of Alicia Haze.
Evangeline Brunswick - Toys in the Attic.
Leannan Lockjaw ( Suff Lockjaw. ) - MILF and Cookies.
Miss Emily - SUCCUBUS, The motion picture.

Now I'm not really a fan of this category, for the reason I see it more as a beauty pageant or a popularity contest and not a judgement of any kind of acting skills!! Lets face it most porn in SL is hoping on a pose ball and letting the director position you in a sex scene how they want you!!

In RL the winner for best actress is usually a woman that changes her physical appearance to fit her role (so that throws beauty pageant out the window), or give her lines with passion and conviction (so that throws ball riders out the window too).

Succubus had 50 minutes of non-sex in it (more then the total length of the other 4 movies combined), as Zoey put it, "It was as close to acting as we can get in SL". The sex scenes are easy to shoot, the non sex scene (no pose balls) take twice as long to shoot.

So I should win for Succubus, and if I don't I certainly hope that Leannan does because I directed that movie and she did fantastic in following direction and making her avi do what I wanted to give this movie a story!! MILF and Cookies took as long to shoot the non-sex scenes as the sex secenes and the non-sex were a fraction of the movie, but gave it a story.

I also think Leannan's voice work in The Abduction of Alicia Haze was fantastic and really made that movie!!!

But good luck to all on this one!!! 

**** Note, Serenity has nothing to do with this years awards, if she did I do think things would have been handled completely differently!! No blame goes to Serenity for any of this in my eyes!

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