Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Sexiest® Best Film

These are the nominees 

I my opinion the judges have really screwed this up!! I'm sure in these directors eyes they did not.

A Blank Canvas - Nikki Arlington.  (2:52)
Is a preview (teaser) of a movie Nikki had in the works to make but as of yet hasn't. There is no sex or even nudity in this, it's not even porn!! This would get a PG-rating and only because it shows a butt in a thong and for no other reason!! Wait until Nikki makes this a MOVIE before nominating it!!

Breaking in the new bed - Ayara -PĪИҚ- Sparta-Illios.   (4:47)
Artistically done, this movie is a Demo clip for a Warm Animations bed!! In other words IT'S A COMERCIAL and has no story of any kind!! If "Story" was any part of the judging criteria the judges completely failed on this.

Fuck you all the time - London Zane.   (4:59)
This movie also has no story and is more of a pornographic music video.

Night shift - Raelin Jestyr.  (4:30)

The Abduction of Alicia Haze - Adam Sin.  (21:27)
To me this movie stands head and shoulders above the other 4 and is clearly the winner!! Congratulations Adam!!

Before the nominees were announced I fully expected The Abduction of Alicia Haze - Adam Sin.  (21:27)  and Creep - Thorgal Mcgillivary (4:40) (or whichever one of Thorgals movies he wanted to submit) to be SUCCUBUS, The motion picture (1:43:30) biggest competition in the category!! I did not expect a preview video and a commercial to get nominated!!

I know October isn't from porn so she probably didn't know, but Emma is and she should have weeded out the movies that didn't belong.

I do hope the judges get it right when they hand out this award!! It would be so appalling if a preview A Blank Canvas - Nikki Arlington won this category!!!

Succubus was to long to judge in this category, for the winner of this award it has to loose some of it's luster knowing it didn't beat the best of the best (Succubus), they should rename this award to: The Sexiest® Best Film... Not Succubus.

All of you that have IMed me saying it is a conspiracy to keep Succubus from sweeping the awards and give one to Nikki, I disagree!!!
It's not a conspiracy it's just simple incompetence!!!
But thank you all so much for the support, it means so much to me!!!

**** Note, Serenity has nothing to do with this years awards, if she did I do think things would have been handled completely differently!! No blame goes to Serenity for any of this in my eyes!


  1. You know what's funny Emily? Serenity and I have our own opinions on what got nominated too. Every year, I've had an opinion that was VERY different than the judges. But we do it in a way that we have no influence over the judging. So we are as surprised and sometimes disappointed as everyone else. Right or wrong, it's judged fairly. Also, tomorrow at the real life Oscars you will hear some people excited about the Best Film and others say the Oscar judges get it wrong, just like our show. We'll keep trying to get it right. But thanks for your passion.

    1. You still need to guide your head judge. Like Thor said Nikki's preview is well done, and probably the completed work should win but it would be a shame if her preview wins. Also I am upset Succubus wasn't even judged in this category that I paid for it to be in, not that it wasn't nominated, I'm sure if the judge would have watched it, then it would have been nominated in this category