Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Sexiest® Best Director

These are the nominees 

A Blank Canvas - Nikki Arlington.  (2:52)
Kidnapped - Barbiedoll Resident.  (5:45)
Succubus- Miss Emily.  (1:43:30)
Toys in the Attic - Thorgal McGillivary.   (5:00)
The Abduction of Alicia Haze - Adam Sin.  (21:27)

The best director usually mimics best film, and why? Because the director makes the film, more so then they do in Hollywood!! In SL the director is everything, camera man, director, lighting person, sound person, editor, writer, effects person and a list as long as my arm of other things!!!

How they change 3 out of 5 of these is beyond me and the preview movie is still here!! Now I can see if they want to spread the awards out and not give them all to the same person, but to not even have the nominees even close to the same in best director and best film???

How did Succubus get nominated in this category but not in best film you ask? Well apparently there were less movies submitted in this category and the judges for it had enough time to judge it. It's good enough for best director it should be good enough for best film!

Again, before the nominees were announced I fully expected The Abduction of Alicia Haze - Adam Sin.  (21:27)  and Creep - Thorgal Mcgillivary (4:40) (or whichever one of Thorgals movies he wanted to submit) to be SUCCUBUS, The motion picture (1:43:30) biggest competition in the category!! I did not expect a preview video to get nominated!!

And again, It's like comparing a cheetah to a domestic house cat... Succubus should win!!
I do hope the judges get it right when they hand out this award!!
**** Note, Serenity has nothing to do with this years awards, if she did I do think things would have been handled completely differently!! No blame goes to Serenity for any of this in my eyes!The Sexiest® Best Director

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