Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Succubus, To Long To Judge

No Sexiest Film Nomination for Succubus!!!

This is the first time of over 100 movies I submitted any work for The Sexiest® Awards. With Succubus I felt I really had something worth nominating and could not be over looked!! I WAS SO WRONG!!

When I asked head Judge October Bettencourt of The Sexiest® Awards, why Succubus wasn't nominate in the category of The Sexiest®  Best Film, she said "To be honest, it was to long, the judges had to many movies in that category and just didn't have time to watch it". I thank her for her honesty.

The Sexiest® Awards are self proclaimed to be: "our Oscars". Could you imagine the Oscar judges saying "We're sorry your movie was to long to judge"? I know it's not Emmanuelle's goal to discourage people from making longer movies, but how can they leave out a movie because of it's length? Well, really it shouldn't be judged against the movies that were watched and were nominated! If you know anything about film making you know that a Feature Length film should not be judged against a Short Film. We don't go to the RL movies and pay around $10.00 to watch a movie 25:00 minutes or less. We go to watch something that can entertain us for an hour and a half or more!!

The movies nominated for The Sexiest®  Best Film
A Blank Canvas - Nikki Arlington.  (2:52)
Breaking in the new bed - Ayara -PĪИҚ- Sparta-Illios.   (4:47)
Fuck you all the time - London Zane.   (4:59)
Night shift - Raelin Jestyr.  (4:30)
The Abduction of Alicia Haze - Adam Sin.  (21:27) 

As you can see none of these films were over 22:00 minutes and Blank Canvas wasn't even the length of Succubus credits. These films fall into Short Film category at the RL Oscars.
SUCCUBUS, The Motion Picture (1:43:30)

Succubus is 1 hour, 43 minutes & 30 seconds long! It's like comparing a cheetah to a domestic house cat... it just can't be done and would be rediculas to even try!!

Succubus had 19 sets built for it, a cast of over 60, we completely changed how we did movies for this one, we had to preplan, preplan, preplan and we still found many things we hadn't planned on. Four months ahead rearranged my schedule to shoot movies so that I had something to release while Succubus was in production. Production took 3 months from adapting the script to uploading the full length version. Six weeks of filming 4 days a week on average of 4 hours per day (96 hours total). There was also 9 weeks of editing that took around 24 hours per week (216 hours). In between time was spent on set design, building and detailing. This movie had 50 minutes of nonsex scenes (ACTING) in it, not just ball riding. Six sex scenes in it of which all were longer then 4 of the 5 movies nominated!!!

So for that reasoning, I understand why October and Emmanuelle want to give Succubus The Sexiest®  Best of the Best Film award!!! Which I agree is only right!!!

Thank you both very much!! 
**** Note, Serenity has nothing to do with this years awards, if she did I do think things would have been handled completely differently!! No blame goes to Serenity for any of this in my eyes!!


  1. "Too long. Not enough sex. Too much sex. Too short. Too many men. Too many women. Too many herms. Etc." The reason given for not considering Succubus is a poor one, and disregards an achievement within the craft, and all the work that went into accomplishing it. In the end, the award doesn't matter nearly as much as simply making the film and getting it out there does. Some make, others judge. I'd rather be on the side of the artists every single time.

  2. Movie was to long to watch what kinda B.S. is this ??? What about the work and time that was spent in making this movie ?? This is the kinda work I would like to see come out of S.L. porn what a real slap in the face to say it was to long for the judges to watch its not like it was WAR and PEACE if you dont have the time then why be a judge!! Does this also mean that the judges along with others have not taken the time to watch this work of art Why even be apart of S.L. porn if your not going to try to at least watch everything that so many have taken thier time to create then produce for others to enjoy !! I can only say BRAVO to this artist and her work BRAVO to SUCCUBUS a ICON created by MISS EMILY

  3. All of you that have IMed me saying it a conspiracy to keep Succubus from sweeping the awards and give one to Nikki, I disagree!!!
    It's not a conspiracy it's just simple incompetence!!!
    But thank you all for so much support!!!