Friday, February 7, 2014

Notices, February 6th

Educating Vivienne Part 2, Ivorileefaith

Continuing the educational process in the shower...

Kisses, Lixxx and Slurpssss,
Ives <3


The Model JD modeling, Heavenleigh Snowpaw

Mmmmm look what Model came to Model! This man is so very sexy it wasn't hard to "paint" this man :P Hope you enjoy the view as I did


Bad Karma, Midnight Shinja

Introducing Miss "Bad" Karma Weymann. Karma is the creator of the trailer trash girl series.. look fwd to more from her in the near future.


Wild Erotica Video, Morph Wyx

New EROTICA Productions Film


"Tati for Lunch", Dominic Dawes

There is "sexy" and then there is "Tati sexy" ... Honored to be a friend and always amazed by her work ... this set is inspired by her "dripping sexuality" ... please enjoy the story on the blog. Presenting one of the Elite 8 ~ Ⓣaⓣi
^^ Narrative with many shots
^^^ Complete Photo set on Flickr


The Chauffeur, Miss Emily

Movie Stills
Sandy has hired a new chauffeur darling, he just needs to be up to the task of doing more than just driving the limo, his job depends on it!!
STARRING: In her 1st movie, Sαиdყ ℳιɢɢιηs and Dean (Xelafaux)


Newcomer - Layla Pexie, Jewell Infinity

Introducing a gorgeous and sexy lady within the Porn industry, Layla Pexie never been seen but a great personality to boot and quite sweet.  We all know what how it is being new and to get even a little nudge is even better.  So it will be nice to see this lady out and about, and when you see her,make her feel very welcome *smiles* Enjoy this little set i did of her.


New Offices Aphrodite, Aintzira

Finally I can present your meeting place in Aphrodite, our offices where we will hold future meetings, recordings, and because warm conversation or whatever comes ....
actors who have worked with:
Celeste (Celestedeisare), his partner and wife and our male pornstar Mirham: Tiger (metodico67)


Zuriel Bedlam & Vixxen Rainbow, Lisa Languish

Hot new photos of Zuriel Bedlam and Vixxen Rainbow:


Hot Morning, Petra Chardin


Glamour, Bewitched Difference

love Be xxx


Exposed n Naughty - James Wolfgang, Jewell Infinity

Is is a bird, is it a plane, no its the humour side of superman  of James and his naughty but sexy boxers, he had me laughing to myself everytime i looked down at his superhero status *smirks*  So who wants to be on the end of his superhero, im sure many want to be naughty with James..Enjoy his set

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