Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Notices, February 25th

The Girl Scout Part 2, Deka Teardrop

Part 2 of the Girl Scout see what happened to that Girl Scout who pounded on the door so hard she knocked it open.... please view it on the blog and then head over to my flkr to view the entire set :)




CyberChick, Mistyk Shinn

thanck you at my good friend Carla Draesia
ɱĩɱĩ xoxox


Couple of new sets, James Wolfgang

New Girl Charlotte in her debut Set for IDP
and Gina at Erotic Nation


Big BLOG Update with Unpublished Pics and More, Ayara Ilios

I updated my blog again, lots of pics, things to read and even a few unpublished Hottie Valentine Party pictures.


Hope you enjoy!

xox Ayara


This Time it's Not Furniture, Edvard Taurion

new set by AnabelleSteel with jayjay and me


Sunning Surprise!, Bud Solo

New photo set on flickr and my blog!
Featuring Ayara "Pink" Illois and Rachel Swallows




The Girl Scouts, Deka Teardrop

Seddy and Moonie were having a little fun at home....... When a Girl Scout came up to the door knocking, well they were a little too busy to get up and answer the door. Find out what happens here CLICK THE LINK!!! You know you wanna!!!

Kisses, Licks, Sucks, & fucks
Your Dirty Little Girl,


Succubus, Too Long to Judge, Miss Emily

No Sexiest Film Nomination for Succubus!!!
When I asked head Judge October Bettencourt of The Sexiest® Awards, why Succubus wasn't nominate in the category of The Sexiest®  Best Film, she said:
Read to find out!!!


New Adult Furniture Review, Edvard Taurion

SA Wall Cuffs Sex + SA Tango Strip Expansion 1.4 for RLV
low prim and scripts, great design and price, with final solution how to strip your sub with rlv of all tango layers and leave boobs on lol

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