Thursday, February 20, 2014

Notices, February 19th

The 2014 Miss Emily Awards Award Winning Naughty Bits!, Erin Cedarbridge

After the awards show, I had an opportunity to steal away some of the winners of the best naughty, sexy bits for a few fun poses with our trophies.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did taking them!


Wicked Creative Blog, Rachel Swallows

 Wicked Creative is well known for taking an unusual and creative approach to erotic art. We like to highlight not only porn but the creative aspects like story. We are seeking to relaunch Wicked Creative and bring it to a wider audience including eventually an inworld publication  and we need you all! Photographers, models, writers, and blog technicians to join our growing creative team. Please see attached Notecard for details.


Wild EROTICA Video, Morph Wyx

New EROTICA Casting Film


Black on Me *5*, Mistyk Shinn

hello everyone, few moment i not do any shoot for busy reason..but i wanted to do new black on me set...thank at G-MO to be my sexy model !! xoxoxo enjoy


SOS for Venezuela!, Pelon Beaton

SOS for Venezuela!
From Venezuela a shout for our help!
Our government under dictator Maduro is killing our people and students just as the dictator of Ukraine !
This is a revolt against a Castro-communist regime controlled by the Castros fom CUBA.


Breedin' Bull Part 1 & 2! I'm Back!, Lexie Jansma

I know I have been pretty silent when it has come to doing photos. I have been busy but I did manage to get in a small 2 part project. I hope you enjoy Breedin' Bull Part 1 and 2 staring Tristyn Angelus & Yours Trully.

Ya' know what I am back at the ranch...I'mma Breedin' Bull...

If you are inventive and creative! We want you for the new Wicked Creative Blog


A FEW NEW PICS, Midnight Shinja

Yes I havent been on as much as i like but here are a few new pics to enjoy.....


Party starts NOW!!, Miss Emily

Today, longest continuously running porn star party out there!!!
NOW to 3pm, Wednesday, February 19th, at Porn*Stars Night Club.
DJ Yana will be playing the music. Emily will be hosting the event. Cold where you're at? Well it's not cold here, the hottest porn stars in SL have a way of heating things up!!!

Cum listen to some great music, and party with the biggest names in SL Porn !! As always, nudity and naughtiness is completely encouraged!


Very good time with Fawn., Scooby Mode

My close friend Fawn Serenity has took some very sexy pictures of us together.
Check out the pics here  
also look at all her other amazing pics!!!! :p

add her:p


New Set: Night Nurse, Ivorilee Faith

She brings cumfort in the night. Pics by Jaden Eberhardt.

Kisses, Lixxx & Slurpssss,
Ives <3


Casting...., Gisele Hendrix

WANTED: Female Models.... who have an Outfit close to an Amazon Warrior, or Female Warrior.... Panther Wear Gorean works too.... Please have Lola Boobs, and when you are interested, just please IM me!



New Adult Furniture Review, Edvard Taurion

First item from Alina Animations church series, [AA] Sex Coffin
xcite, hand made animation etc, plus B.O.L.D. church custom made to house them all for ideal goth/bloodline scene. All low prim all under 1000L$


Porn*Stars HumpDay Party!!!, Zoey Winsmore

Today at 1:00PM SLT, we will have our weekly HumpDay Party at the Porn*Stars Nightclub with DJ Dirty Little Girl spinning her awesome tunes and Emily hosting and taking the naughty pics.

Don't be shy, nudity is encouraged and we have also naughty furniture for everyone to use. Have some fun and meet with other Pornstars, Directors and Photographers in our SL Porn Industry.

The limo is included with this notice so hope to see you all!!!


New Pics - Meet City.., Shuougun

a newcomer on town and needed to give her the welcome
please meet City on:



February 15th, Miss Emily's Awards and *SL PORN* Party, Erin Cedarbridge

Photos from the Saturday, February 15th Miss Emily's Awards and *SL Porn* Party, held at the Porn*Stars Event Center!

If you were there, you were in for a treat!  DJ Yana played to a full room of gorgeous ladies and men for this special event!


Pool Service for Jackson Greycloak, Ayara Ilios

My pool needed cleaning...


xox Ayara


Chicka1Singh, Miss Emily

Has many fantasy's
Interview and Naughty pictures

If you haven't done an interview and would like to, please contact me (MissEmily23) or Zoey Winsmore to set one up


Bedtime Playin Vol.1..., Gisele Hendrix

Photoset is up.... thanks for Sven to beeing in this with me


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