Monday, February 17, 2014

Notices, February 16th

Pixel Sin "Tryouts" - Cherish Dannunzio, Kane Daffyd

The gorgeous Cherish Dannunzio becomes the first to appear in Pixel Sin's new "Tryouts" series. Check out the pics here:


Valentine's Day, Deirdre Paulino

Here's the full set from the photoshoot from my Valentine's Day card.  Enjoy!


New Adult Furniture Review, Edvard Taurion

Brothel's Red Orgy Bed
Unique product with animation for bisexual males, all gender and sexual orientation combinations are possible


Sexy Car Shoot..., Gisele Hendrix

just added two new pics i done....



New pic - Dripping..., Shuougun

my latest pic on:

wish a great sunday to all



Sooo I went ot Alex to give him his belated birthday present..., Bewitched Difference

Love Be xxx


Welcome to the NEW Obsession, Dominic Dawes

It's been a wild ride and a lot learned over the past year ... to kick off the new year and the NEW Obsession Studios ... a new office has been constructed to showcase SL's Only full RP Studio. Check out the story >  < and come visit the new office.

A lush garden and tropical rainforest are accompany the NEW Obsession Studios and are a MUST SEE! Many thanks to Willo who has helped make this dream a reality! ~ Mr. Dawes

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