Saturday, February 15, 2014

Notices, February 14th

HBIC Productions Presents, Meg Corral

Home Run

A super fan attends a baseball game and scores a home run with four of the players after the game.

Enjoy !!


Happy Valentine's Day!, Deirdre Paulino

Happy Valentine's Day! Kisses!


Happy VD Day from Raelin!! :D, Raelin Rage-Stillwater

A little Valentines present for everyone, but I got to unwrap it!
Yay me!)

Models:  Jackoson Greycloak & Raelin Rage-Stillwater
Photographer:  Raelin Rage-Stillwater


Want Some Valentine's Candies Like These?, Heavenleigh Snowpaw

How about sharing some of these candies with us? Hope you enjoy! Happy Valentine's Day from 3P.


February 12th Hump-day Party, Miss Emily

If you were at this weeks party, you might be in these pictures. If not you should see what you missed!!
Dirty Little Girl DJ Moonie (Deka Teardrop) did fantastic job!!!

Next Party: Miss Emily's Studio Awards & * SL PORN * Party: 12pm to 3pm slt Saturday, February 15th at Porn*Stars Night Club.
DJ Yana will be playing the music.


New Adult Furniture Review, Edvard Taurion

H&S ~UpRight Sex Piano~ Dark Walnut
Heart & Soul Designs, plays music, big sex menu, fair price


Happy Valentine Day, Gisele Hendrix

from Krystal  



4 New B&W pics added to Bewitched Difference Set, Pelon Beaton



Kisses, Rachel Swallows

Happy Valentines Day from Rachel XXXX


Studs of Porn and Wounded Warriors Charity Date Auction!, Rosalee Rhiadra

There's still time to bid on your fav Stud, Studette or SOP staff member! The boards are full and ready for your bids.  Proceeds will be split between the auction participant and Wounded Warriors.  We have a few with no bids yet.  Please be sure to get them on a date!

Tomorrow is the celebration party at Hard Alley with DJ Jackson at 1 PM SLT.  The auction ends at the end of the party.

Thank you for your support!


Be Mine, Valentine?, Ivorilee Faith

Be Mine, Valentine?
Kisses, Lixxx & Slurps from your favorite Tgirl ;)
Ives <3


Lovers, Roe Milena

This valentine day holiday I gathered up everybody that was partnered and decided to have them pose together on a hanging Valentine
heart dressed in Valentine colors.

Love Amanda and Roe
Please comment


New stories at Edenfell, Lisa Languish

Two hot new stories have been posted to Edenfell! Get yourself worked up for Valentine's Day! <3 <3 <3


Feliz San Calentin, Drizzt Dowd

From Slassy & David,

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