Saturday, February 15, 2014

Miss Emily's Studio Awards / *SL Porn * Saturday Party

Today, the awards will be handed out!!

12pm to 1pm slt Saturday February 15th at The Porn*Stars Event Center

Emily & Zoey will host this black tie / evening gown event (yes we’re telling you to dress up for once instead of Woo.. Get Naked!). The Golden Cocks will be awarded at this time for the 14 categories, plus 3 categories for Naughty Pixel  Produtions. Please be prompt so we can get started as soon as possible.
Everyone is invited whether you’re nominated, in Miss Emily’s Studio group or just want to see what happens and have a good time.  
Not everyone will be pleased with the outcome of the awards, but keep in mind this is in no way intended to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings; it is to acknowledge the accomplishment of the 69 actresses and 44 actors that took part in the 34 films produced by Miss Emily’s Studio in 2013.
After the awards ceremony from 1pm to 3pm slt we will have a party in the lobby (same land mark/ location) DJ Yana will play the music and Emily will be hosting.

Then you can get naked, nudity and naughtiness is encouraged! We'll have some sex furniture in the lobby, so don't be shy this is a porn star party on an adult sim named NAUGHTY, public sex is totally welcome!!  

*** WARNING: naughty pictures will be taken!! 

***NOTE: This event/party will be crowded so please be conscious of the number of scripts you are wearing, and if you are wearing something high in scripts and not used, please remove it as a courtesy to everyone at the party!!
In past parties some people have shown up with close to 1000 scripts on (10 times more than they should) this is just plain rude and no reason to have that many scripts on.

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