Friday, February 28, 2014


Interview: # 407
Name: Ali Lancrae
Country: USA
Second Life Birthdate: March 14, 2010
Sexual orientation: Equally bisexual, enjoying men and women with the same intensity. 
Why Porn: This was a logical progression for me. I've been in the sex industry in SL my whole time here. I love sex and I love to be creative and work with creative people toward a great result. It all fits together so well :)
Experience:A ton adventuresome selfies plus a few shoots with photographers that have turned out great. And I have a bunch of new shoots coming up. I'm also running PiXel Sin Productions with Kane Daffyd and we're having great fun with our 'reality' approach. I appear in series there, too. No movies yet.
Won't do:  Zero tolerance for any underage play - will not do. Other than that, nothing gross - and what is gross? I know it when I see it or hear about it and I speak right up and refuse. Just ask me.
Favorite Sex Act:  Oh wow, how to name just one.. I think mood is a big influence and I mean a collective mood between the involved parties, but in the running are: With a man, a good old fashioned doggy fuck lesson. With a woman, I might wanna sit on her face and make her like it a lot ^^
Would you have sex with a director to get a part: Will if I wanna.
Fantasy porn scene: I'm alone on a train late at night and a sexy mysterious man sits next to me and smiles. I feel weak and wet and decide to go with it when another sexy guy arrives and smiles, too. Yeah, they have at me for the long ride through the mountains trying everything they can think up. But you know, I'm feisty and I fuck back.

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